September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Work hard for your retirement MD Abubakar.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The name of Mohammed Dahiru Abubakar,  a former Inspector General of Police rings bell in Nigera, and in the hall of fame of the Nigeria police force, his name is among the tops.

He was appointed as the 16th indigenous Inspector General of Police by former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2012 and handed over power to Suleiman Abba in 2014 after 35years of meritorious service.

M.D. Abubakar hails from Zamfara state and he is the Chairman Board of Directors of Nigeria police force (NPF) pensions limited.  He has built himself a good reputation because of keeping tenaciously to the ethics of his profession and promoting the aims and objectives of police force before his retirement.

A strong believer in the cooperate existence of Nigeria but not interested in the country bitter politics, he introduced neatness in Nigeria police force and also introduced more formation and departments in the police force.  

His tenure saw to the disbandment of road blocks on the highway and major roads, and also introduction of camouflage uniform in the police force, and also increased more sports in police sports festival.

     Retired IGP   M.D. Abubakar

He retired in 2015 from the Nigeria police force meritoriously having attained the mandatory 35years service. 

Reflecting on activities of members of the police force, he advised members of the public not to give money to police officers on duty and for police not to accept bribe.

Speaking to CITY EXPRESS NEWS in his Abuja residence, M.D. Abubakar said he has no regret serving the nation as a police officer.”I am proud to be an accomplished man”. He advised serving police officers to perform to expectations and leave a good legacy on the sand of time. M.D. Abubakar pleaded with serving police officers to start planning for their retirement and not wait for anybody.

According to him most members of the police force are still in the habit of deceiving themselves that they still have longer period of years not knowing that time moves fast. His charge to all police officers, “prepare for your future retirement because tomorrow may be too late”. He warned them to ensure their tomorrow is secured.

During his tenure, police were made sure to be disciplined. M.D. Abubakar never condoned indiscipline. On the 8th of February 2012, some erring police men were dismissed from the police force.

M.D Abubakar said the future is bright for disciplined, honest and hardworking officers to reach the pinnacle of service.