September 27, 2023


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Son kidnapped father over marrying second wife.

By Itaman Sunny.
Mr. Joseph Alashe, a retired Chartered Accountant has been alleged to have been abducted at his Aboru residence by one his children, Mr. Lekan Alashe in 
collusion with his first son, Mr. Oluwole Alashe based in the United States of America.

74 years old, Pa Joseph Alashe was abducted and taken to an unknown destination in order to force him to write his Will and keep him away from his second wife, Mrs. Florence Oluwatosin Alashe whom the children see as a rival to their mother, Mrs. Bola Alashe who is currently in Canada with her daughter, Mrs. Mary Yetunde.

Pa Alashe at the registry with his second wife.

The alleged abduction of Mr. Alashe to unknown destination is now a reality as Lekan Alashe told the police at Alagbon FCIID Ikoyi, Anti-Trafficking Unit, Lagos that their father is at the hospital receiving treatment without disclosing the name of the hospital.

Pa Joseph Alashe had told CITY EXPRESS NEWS at Aboru police post where he made a statement that his children wanted to forced him to write his Will in their favour without considering his second wife and his little daughter, Miss Sarah Olufunmilayo Alashe.

He said that his children are only after his properties and not welfare cursing them that God will punish them. According to the Solicitor to Mr. Joseph Alashe, Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye, the action of the children are a mockery of their father’s right to life, liberty and diginity.
He said the police should have asked the children to provide their father and wife to Alagbon to write statement. He said the panic that the statement of their father could put them into trouble made them to kidnapped him.

.      Papa Alashe admiring his lovely wife

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye posed these questions, why are they hidden their father preventing him to write his statement?. Why did Mr. Lekan Alashe went to Ikotun marriage registry to demand the originally copy of the wedding certificate of his father to Mrs. Florence Alashe.?. What right does he have to investigate his father?.

Barrister Ebhojiaye told CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an exclusive interview that he is ready to dust his law books, adorned his wig and gown and stepped out to defend the defenceless, Mrs. Florence Oluwatoyin Alashe in court with the hide and seek game by Mr. Lekan Alashe and Oluwole Alashe over the disappearance of their father.

With the benefit of hindsight and looking at the unfolding scenario by the police, Barrister Ebhojiaye believes there will be unfair verdict at the end of the civil matter that is  being regarded as criminal case by the police.

Legal activist and critic, Prince Ebhojiaye recently petitioned Lagos state commissioner of police and copied Inspector General of Police force headquarters Abuja, copied Area commander Area M, Idimu Lagos to transfer the case before Idimu police station to Ikeja State command, in Lagos.

It was at the Idimu police station, a woman DPO said that the case before her was not a police case rather husband and wife issues which supposed to be settled within the family.

City EXPRESS NEWS gathered that the investigating police officer (IPO) Inspector Ola and one SP of police manipulated the case without the concept of the DPO before they detained Mrs. Oluwatoyin Alashe, the second wife of Pa Joseph Alashe. It was also gathered that the same Inspector Ola allegedly collected some money from Mr. Lekan Alashe to win the case in his favour.

Barrister Ebhojiaye has vowed to see to the end of the case by going to the office of the Inspector General of Police to bring kidnapped Pa Joseph Alashe who has  being held incommunicado out to  give his evidence against his children who are desperately fighting for their mother who is presently in Canada.