September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

My regime will build long lasting legacies for Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency. Prince Odianose Okojie.

Prince Odiase Okojie, the husband of popular Nollywood diva personality, Mercy Johnson Okojie has joined the race for APC to represent Esan people at the House of Representatives come 2023.

He is coming on board with an intimidating resume. The young Okojie said with his exposure and experience he shall win.

.         Prince Odiase Okojie

He urged the people of Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency to support his cause.

He told CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an interview that he is the right choice of majority of the people for the House of Representatives Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituencies.

Odianose Okojie vowed to pursue aggressive capacity building and job creation to empower the people and the youths. ‘ As we are building the competences of the people, we will also put in a programme to link those who have acquired skills with people who needs their services within the locality of Esan land.’

According to Okojie, Esan North East and Esan South East Federal Constituency can be assure of his ability and capabilities in the sprit of fairness and justice to represent them and serve them.

He said, ‘I can be trusted with power and loyalty to my people and will not disappoint them.’   It is evident that Odianose Okojie can be trusted with power. As a business man , Okojie has been tested, proven and certified.

He said there are already plans to scale up social intervention programmes designed to meet the specific needs of our people in Esan land, Edo state, especially the elderly the youths, women, entrepreneurs, and the generality of the people.