September 29, 2023


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My wife and her family humiliated me, I want justice. Onyeka Okafor.

By Itaman Sunday.

Fear grips house wife, Mrs. Onyinye Okafor as police at Area ‘C’  Surulere police command, Lagos State launches manhunt for her. She gang beaten up her husband, Onyeka Okafor. together with her two brothers, Kingsley Eze, God’s Time Eze and two sisters, Ifeoma Eze and Mama  Favour.

CITY EXPRESS NEWS gathered from the Surulere police command that Inspector Akugo has invited the woman who has been playing hide and seek game for days.

Presently Onyeka Okafor is not only at dagger drawn with his wife and her family, he has so drawn the battle line with his Father-in law, Mr Innocent Eze who encouraged his children to beat up his in law, Onyeka Okafor.

Mr.and Mrs.Okafor with children when the going was smooth.

Onyeka Okafor said his wife and relations humiliated him. He was only saved by two lawyers at the office of the Public Defender Ministry of Justice, Lagos State, Barrister Mrs Osagiede and another lawyer.

According to Mr. Okafor, the marriage between him and his wife has been staggering for the past ten years despite being blessed with three children, as his wife has refused to give peace a chance.

‘I have told my lawyer, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye, to take the matter to court for possible divorce. I have managed and tolerated my wife enough and I have discovered things have fallen apart between us. The best decision is to end the marriage when the ovation is loudest before the woman and her family will kill me, he said.
Mrs. Okafor, the woman in the storm.
Okafor also revealed why he cannot forgive his wife and her family. I cannot believe my wife can go extra mile and stood  out in the hospital bed to take a photograph with energy drip and asked nurse to inject her as a  person who is sick, just to blackmail me.

‘Do I call it brain, intelligent and logic for my wife to deceived people and tell lies again me that I beat her up. I have never beaten my wife before, talkless she is pregnant now. I have married a dangerous snake and scorpion. Shakespeare said, The evil that men do lives after them. God will judge her and the Eze  family that gang beaten me. He said.