September 25, 2023


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FG loses billions of naira daily to International Oil Companies sharp practices at the ports. ——- Maritime Workers Union.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

The Federal Government loses billions of naira daily at the ports due to the sharp practices of the International oil companies, (IOC); thereby flauting  Nigeria laws.   

This is the submission of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, MWUON, who said some of them underdeclare their cargoes and short change the government, thereby calling for quick arrest of the situation.

Speaking in Lagos with members of the Labour Writers Association of Nigeria, LAWAN, the President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria, Prince Abdulwaheed Adeyanju said government could not account for the shipment of oil by most of the foreign vessels as a result of the removal of ship gang way security men and tally clerks on the vessels.

.              A foreign vessel at sea

Prince Adeyanju further said as a result, most of the vessels are porous as anything goes in and out and they have become avenues for drug trafficking. He called on the Nigeria Ports Authority and NIMASA to rise to the occasion and employ more workers to work on the foreign vessels  and the private jetties.

Prince Adeyanju speaking on the activities of the union said Maritime Workers Union is now a new brand working for peace in the sector, as a lot of reforms had taken place, with conditions of service renewable every two years for the dockwokers.

Maritime Workers Union PG. Prince Adeyanju.

On the perrenial traffick problems at the Apapa ports, the President General called for more holding bays for trucks coming to the ports as close to 12thousand trucks come to the ports monthly. He also called on the government to link the Tin Can port to the railway line to take the containers from the roads.

On drugs trafficking within the ports, he assured of the union cooperation with NDLEA to arrest culprits assuring that any worker caught will be penalised and made to face the law.