September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

2023: APC VS PDP Edo State Aspirants, Clemen Aziegbemi, Okeomu Imhanmukor, slug it for Representatives ticket.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The 2023 general elections: the die is cast political gladiators fervor is gathering momentum towards election.
Sir Clement Odequa, a young man from Esan South East, Emu kingdom declared intention to run for  Esan House of Assembly.

The youths of great Emu community said that Sir Clem Odequa Aziegbemi has been a good ambassador to the socio-political interest of Esan South East  local government formerly known as Agbazilo local government.w11

A man’s character is like a flame, it eventually gets exposed no matter how hard it is hidden according to a popular axiom.

This is the feat that has been recorded by a community builder, grassroots mobilizer, voice of the masses. Sir Clem, man of the people, is out to serve not to be served.  The testmonies of the lives he has tourched, changed over time are endless. His display of love and care can be seen in his actions.  He has sponsored numerous projects, wipe out tears from widows eyes, gives youths scholarship, paid WASC and GCE forms and those who could not afford to pay .

He is an epitome of simplicity and humility to the core. Sir Clem Aziebhemi said that he will restore Esan South East lost glory. According to Clem, he has the capacity to reshape the Esan land, because God has assigned him for this great commission to set Esan free from captivity of the enemies of Esan people.
Yes, I have the confident, credibility, sterling qualities, with impeccable credentials. Reshape is a thematic accroyn that fits into sectional challenges and needs of Esan land and Edo State.

“Vote me into power and I shall deliver every promise made, he said.

On his part Lucky Imhanmuokor said that Esan South East need a Messiah and dynamic system of legislation where the interests of all constituents will be sincerely represented. According to him, he is going to make a change in governance . With the power of Jesus Christ, I will win.

City EXPRESS NEWS gathered that following the skill, experience, character and wisdom, Honourable Luck has the capacity to rescue his people.

Lucky Onolunonse Imhanmuokor said he is the authentic right man for the job of Edo State House of Assembly for Esan South East Constituency.
He said that he has been close to his people in Esan South East, Esan North and South of Edo constituencies. I am the best among the contestants and contenders.
Honourable Imhanmukor said he is more qualified. He is a visionary, vibrant, intelligent and masses choice for the job.

According to Honourable  Imhanmukor watching the declaration from vintage observatory and considering all the flashing projects in his memory it is clear to him the APC contestants and PDP fellows contestants are going to be defeated for the coveted crown.

His name Lucky has never failed him. He noted that he is strong, physical and understand the job requirements. It is my intention to reach the grassroots with programmes that will upgrade the people accross my constituents.  The idea is to tap into that very rich diaspora pool and bring in people that are intelligent like him to make Esan land great, he concluded.