September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

I want to make a statement in the Senate. Hon: Monday Okpebholo.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

In the ranks of new entrants into the hallowed green chambers representing  Edo State at the  National Assembly, one man that is making his presence trully felt through well researched, robust and unfaultable presentation of  interests and needs of his constituency is Hon. Monday Okpebholo alias Akpakomiza. He is humanity personified, a pan- Esanist, an intelligentsia,  a philanthropist, a builder, a helper of destiny, youthful and a core advocate of holistic rapid development of Esanland.

His antecedent success in the private sector is a testament to his commitment to hard work and capacity for good leadership.  He is a political blazer with a humble beginning, who has a burning desire towards the emancipation of Esan race from the current political relegation in Edo state political spectrum.

Akpakomiza is on the march again, irrepressible, well-known business man and prominent politician, a self made man who joined partisan politics as an avenue to contribute to the well being  of his people, Edo state and Nigeria at large.

A man who over the years has established himself as a champion of youths empowerment. He has undertaken several philantropic gestures in empowering the youths and widows in Edo State, which he believes  is a sure means of contributing to overall security of the state for as they say an idle mind is the devils workshop.

Akpakomiza is a frontline APC aspirant for the Senate, Edo Central Senatorial District, Esanland. 

 He told CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an interview why he wants to represent Esan. “‘I have received several awards as a life saver, destiny helper, which has really spurred me to do more in touching the lives of the people.  I am not in government but doing the unexpected and I know that when I get there, I will do even more.

According to Akpakomiza, he is the preferred candidate to represent Edo State in Senatorial seat in Edo State Central. Honourable Okpebholo is a man with so much humility, blessed with a kind heart, he can’t stand the sight of his fellow human being in distress and agony and is always ready to assist without resistance.

I want to represent Edo Central to serve them in official capacity all I have being doing before is on my personal effort.
I want to be able to serve them well and make sure they get the best of life within the resource at hand.  I want to look into  areas like employment, and empowerment of the people of Esan land.

“Since the inception of this democratic dispensation in 1999 till date, Edo Central Senatorial district (Esanland) has witnessed the recycling of known political authors, gladiators being elected as Senators, with a high hope of attracting gang infrastructural development and durable human empowerment schemes. 
There is nothing to show government presence, I want to make the difference.”