December 8, 2023


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Edo 2023: No going back on Esan Governorship Agenda. Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.
The Esan speaking community of Nigeria (ESCN)  has restated its commitment to the ambition of Esan to produce the next Governor of Edo State, Esan Agenda 2023 still stand.

 Spokesperson for the Esan speaking community of Nigeria, Coordinator/Convener  Ambassador Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye in an interview with City EXPRESS NEWS in Lagos State said politics is a game meant for the serfs and never for those whose position are always rated with the timid souls in the periphery of the game of political manouvering.

Ebhojiaye has taken a firm decision to bestride the political terrain of Edo state as from now on as a colossus. It is an undisputed phenomenon that all of us cannot be leaders and politicians all at a time.  It is equally necessary to state that some people have to lead while others follow.

Barrister Sunny is often referred to as a true humanist and pride of the younger generation of Africa. His life as activist at the University of Lagos was characterised by proven record of probity and independence.

The mighty hand of God will shake Edo State if the right Esan man is not allowed to be Governor of Edo State. Esan speaking community of Nigeria did not shelve their pursuit of the Governorship seat at any time as being speculated by some people. It is an absolute blantant lies, falsely speculation, unthinkable, unimaginable and untrue whisper to the wrong ears, says Barrister Ebhojiaye.

.             Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye

Wherever the rumours originated from it is a mere political gimmicks. Ambassador Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye, a man who has rejected several chieftance titles due to his Christianity background is a visionary leader who believes in equity, fairness and justice among fellow Nigerians. He is a philanthropist and humanitarian expert in human management, whose leadership qualities transcend  human endeavour.

As an astute human rights activist, lawyer cum journalist with humour and style, with a sense of sacrifices for Esanland. We have been cheated and marginalised in Edo State politics.

We are praying for the Esan person to win Governorship election, we are praying for Edo State and Nigeria for the wisdom of God to prevail. Lets enter His gates with thanksgiving, Lets enter his court with praise”. Let every Esan Freedom Fighters be cool headed, cerebral, analytical, intellectual, civilised and thorogh in our analysis and fight for our rights.

The principle of Federation character is enshrined in the 1999 constituency as amended. It would be disappointed for anyone to argue against rotation at this period.  “I wont support any Edo South and Edo North fielding their own candidate is tantamount to injustice to Edo Central. And it is the time for Edo Central, now or never.”
CITY EXPRESS NEWS exclusively gathered that PDP and APC party are the cause of controversy in Edo State. Some of the Esan politicians want their party to produce the next Governor of Edo State.  Some of People’s Democratic Party Chieftains and APC gladiators preferred to sabotage Esan agenda.

Esan have credible politicians to become president of Nigeria, but many of them have fallen into the tempetation of naira and kobo. He urged Esan people to join hands together to fight the common enemies. “Let us forget our political affiliation and cooperate towards Esan Agenda 2023 slogan.

I have deliberately remain distant and quiet, ignoring the stark obscenities of a desperate and loud obsessed men who are not capable to become a local government chairman going for bigger posts.”
I am ready to devote my precious time for  the battle. Forces that will be an obstacle to achieve the ultimate goal shall fail and fall. Enough of excuses from the so call old politicians of Edo state. This is the final battle between darkness and light.

It was learnt that some people in Edo State government house had entered into an unwritten treaty with Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State to sideline Esan extraction person as the next Governor in 2023, and compensate Esan with deputy governor position.

Their are speculations that Esan Elders statesmen have agreed to wait till 2031 to produce the next Governor of Edo State. 
CITY EXPRESS NEWS gathered that the Deputy Governor of Edo State Comrade Philip Shuab has a deal with Governor Godwin Obaseki.

Governor Godwin Obaseki and Deputy Governor Shuaib.

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye appealed to Governor Godwin Obaseki to endorse an Esan man as the next Governor of Edo State.