December 8, 2023


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Bishop Kukah fires Buhari again: perform or resign, you are Nigeria’s problem.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Catholic Bishop of Sokoto diocese, Reverend Mattew Hassan Kukah has renewed his verbal attacks at President Muhammad Buhari describing his administration as a failure.

According to the fearless Catholic priest, the President incessant excuses to Nigerians is testament to his weak government and inability to continue to preside over the affairs of the country and urged him to resign.

Bishop Kukah made the remarks during the Sunday service in Sokoto state and monitored by CITY EXPRESS NEWS roving reporter.

.          Bishop Matthew Kukah.

He said a nation fails because of the bad leadership and failure to deliver good governance. According to him, if there is a good leader at the top, Nigeria will not fail, as the fish starts getting rotten from the head.

” The poverty, insecurity, unemployment, corruption and senseless killings by Boko Haram which we are witnessing today is because the head is weak and has failed totally. He urged president Buhari to admit his failure and stop unnecessary excuses .”

“Mr. President we choose you to lead this country to the promised land, resign if you cannot protect lives and properties, enough of excuses.”   Reverend Kukah noted that President Buhari is running out of time.  It is better for him to resign than to wait for May 29th 2023. He accused Buhari of nepotism by using Fulani to occupy every set up in government.
The fiery and feisty priest of the Most High God, Reverend Matthew Kukah warned President Buhari to seek the face of God because of the wrath of the Lord that will disgrace him after the election.

This prophecy is for Buhari and politicians seeking for their campaign for 2023 elections to leave the stage for God’s chosen saints to come out to save Nigerians.

APC politicians are very corrupt, This government owes the nation and explanation for their failure.

He emphantically warned President Mohammad Buhari to resign honorably to save Nigerians from more pains and hardship.

.         President Muhammad Buhari.

 Kukah labeled  APC led by President Buhari as anti Nigerian principles in mind. This is the worst government ever in Nigeria. ” What is the significance of this government?  The sprit of God says, Buhari, beware . The sprit of God says, Bishop Mattew Kukah, go and warn President Mohammad Buhari, your time has come to an end. You have been exposed and every member of your government will be exposed and disgraced.

God will disgraced those who stand behind such a blatant corrupt president who lacks interest in the being of this country,s future. Every Nigerian knows Buhari, and APC government is a failure. I want to warn those corrupt politicians campaigning for 2023 presidential election not to waste their money because God’s ways are not our ways, his thoughts are not our thoughts.  He does not limit his revelations based on our human concepts. Isaiah 55:8. And God is not a man that can lie. There will be windfall this time around because I have heared the cry of my people. You thought no one saw what is happening in the country, the senseless killings, Boko Haram bombing everywhere, kidnapping , banditry, assassination, armed killings bombing of  innocent people, but I the Lord sees it all, and now this will be your down fall, if you do not resign and allowed a good leader to take over power with a credible elected president”

All the evils that is happening in Nigeria is a setup from this president and his cabinet ministers.   In a 20minutes telephone interview with City EXPRESS NEWS on Sunday, Bishop Kukah said, God will raise great army to rise up and take to the fight. “It is going to be a spritual battle against the kingdom of darkness, God will remove the President that has become a louse, then you will see the man God has chosen. Every candidate are all the same bird with Buhari. They are all corrupt politicians.God will not allow them to succeed this time around.

According to Bishop Kukah, Buhari has forgotten his promises to clear the mess of the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  and restore the nation to  measure of stability.  Seven years down the line, the comprehensive failure of his administration to put the country in better outright position became his nightmare. 

Insecurity, Boko Haram, Insurgency, corruption, pervasiveness, poverty, separatist agitations as well as incessant clashes between farmers and marauding fulani herdsmen.

Bishop Kukah cried out to God to intervene to save Nigerians from President Buhari and his cabals.