December 8, 2023


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Esan Okpa: Hon Egbadon, Prof Oteze call for peace and unity in Esan land of Edo State.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

One time Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, Hon.(Barr) Matthew Egbadon has faulted the current leaders of Esan land and gives solution to disunity.

Hon: Matthew Egbadon slammed most of the current political leaders in Esan land today for being too preoccupied with their quest to pick the “crumbs” at their political masters table rather than think of the collective interest of the Esan people as well as neighbours in Senatorial districts.

Honourable Egbadon.

Barrister Egbadon put courage into the hearts of Esan farmers who were already in despair despite Fulani  herdsmen invasion. He embolden Esan farmers to return to their farms land. He recalled back the good projects by one time Governor of Edo State, Chief Lucky Igbinedion for agriculture in Uromi land.

Honourable Matthew Egbadon was the pioneering Speaker in Edo State House of Assembly. He is an example of how a non-partisan political office holder can still make a mark as much if not more than a politician.  He behaves true to type in terms of diligence, assiduity, objectivity, thoroughness and accountability while in Edo State House of Assembly as the Speaker.

During his tenure as Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly, he worked hard to ensure that Esan became the prescribed authority, in his domain, but a tree can not make a forest. He was a force to be reckoned with in the House.

In all places, Hon (Barrister Egbado was an embodiment of fair play, transparency, discipline, hardwork and methodology.  He appealed to other Esan social cultural groups and organisations to join Esan Okpa crusade to make it a more formidable team. All hands must be on desk to build an edifice that can liberate Esan people from the present state of political and economic marginalization.”
Speaking at the two days Esan Okpa Assembly, Professor Gabriel Ebosele Oteze described Barrister Matthew Egbadon as the source of inspiration to the new generation.

He was emphatically blunt at his goodwill message to the maiden assembly of the Esan Okpa initiative held at Uromi Esan North of Edo State. He said the event 
symbolises unity among Esan people.

Professor Oteze who is the Chairman of Board of Trustees of Esan Okpa initiative also called on Esanlites, great Esan people of Edo State to live in peace, harmony and unity, irrespective of political party affiliation, as it is God that has put all Esan, Edo, Nigerians together.

                    Professor Oteze.

He described the event initiator, Barrister Egbadon as a true symbol and illustrious son of Esan land. He commended every participants especially those who presented papers at the successful occasion.

Honourable Egbadon advocated what he called Esan Okpa guidelines to regulate political behavior of Esan people which will see both Esan extraction and Edo state government sharing roles.

“Esan people must remain great ambassadors of Edo State, he said.  He charged Esan peace loving people to keep the fire of unity burning so that Edo Central Agenda of becoming the Governor of Edo State is visible and reliable and achievable.

He congratulated every participant, organizers and the sponsors, and called on Esan current leadership to wake up to their responsibilities and present rightful person for the Edo Central Esan extraction for Governorship position in 2024. He also called on them to defend Pan-Esan agenda, demand for Esan Governor and stand on Esan Agenda.