December 8, 2023


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I am more than president of Nigeria: Bishop Oyedepo.

Founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide, also known as Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo said that he is over comfortable to be addressed as a Man of God than to become president of Nigeria.

According to the outspoken critic, “I am ashamed of Nigeria being used as a negative example in the international community. He said this recently during a leadership summit transmitted worldwide covered by City EXPRESS NEWS live in Lagos. 

Famous for his multi sectoral prophetic revelation, Bishop Oyedepo said that his position as the General Overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide is more honourable than to be the President of Nigeria. 

.               Bishop David Oyedepo.

His words, ” I believe in one Nigeria and that is why I am still here  still praying for Nigeria,but as for me to rise up and consider myself going to become the President of Nigeria is a demotion and slap to me.

He said  if I am invited to become the President of Nigeria, I will not accept that offer.  I see myself as world president not Nigeria, I am called for a global impact that is better than Nigeria president.
If you are truly called by God, you will consider the position of Mr. President as a demotion. The Most High God has crown me as a World leader, not president of Nigeria.

I saw this since 1984, when I encountered God with great annointing to preach the words of my master Jesus Christ. Bishop David Oyedepo has lamented that things have gone so bad in Nigeria that the country has lost its respect in the communities of nations.

.                Bishop David Oyedepo.

Some Nigerian youths have left the country due to bad governance. There is nothing to be proud as the President of Nigeria.  In one word, I am greater than the President of Nigeria. He urged every Nigerian to be prayerful because there is more hardship under this government.  In America, they have in God, we trust. They started with God. What do we have in Nigeria? Killings everywhere. Lawless country”  Nigeria needs God more than before. He urged his church members to pray for Grace to be released on them for global impact, he concluded.