December 8, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

I went to studied law to fight injustice. Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

In a world like ours, greatness is desired by all, while some are born great, others hit the fortunate path in the course of life’s struggle. This is the story of a man who was born great, but has also widened his horizon to achieve immeasurable greatness. A man whose great deeds speak volumes beyond the boundaries of his community, Esan South East, Agbazilo local government of Edo State.

An author, publisher, biographer, public commentator,versatile writer, erudite and radical activist lawyer cum journalist, Ambassador (Barr) Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye(JP).

This is untold revelation that has never been heared by anyone else in the world.  In an exclusive interview with City EXPRESS NEWS, the man of the moment that has successfully paddled two canoes at a time said his life can only be described as phenomenon.

Born October 1st 1960, Barrister Sunny is a fantastic human being, an administrative juggernaut, indefatigable leader, intelligent, simple and extremely humble and above all, a man of high intellectual capacity. 
He  is focus on changing the narrative and making people to understand that he will make something out of his life without been fraudulent, and being in politics to make a quick money. To many people, Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye has been described as a source of inspiration.

A rugged crime reporter who on an assignment at the police headquarters, Ikeja, Lagos command got an information that two women were detained at the special anti-robbery squad(SARS). They were arrested by the SARS police officers for trying to obtain money under pretence (OBT) 419.

The complainant raised alarm by shouting “Ole 0le, Thief- Theives, The police came to arrest the two women while people around abandoned their vehicles.  They have not collected any money from the complainant. It was because the girl was a friend of the SARS police officer.

“The police at SARS said it was a robbery case. A police officer who knows very well already told me the true story. As I got there I was asking about the police investigating officer (IPO) when one tall police officer, then Sergeant Henry a member of the team investigating the case asked me of my identification card, I showed it to him. He seized my identification card and gave me a dirty slap. The officer in charge of SARS then was SP Gaji Abana, while Emmanuel Adebayo was Commissioner of police, Lagos State Command.”

The police officer invited other police officers to beat me. The next day according to Sunny, he petitioned the Inspector General of Police, through Provost Marshall Office, Obalende, Lagos Kamsalem House Force Headquarters. Two cars loaded with 10 policemen from Obalende came and arrested 5 policemen from (SARS) . They were nearly dismissed by IGP. However they settled me with 150 thousands naira. According to him, the experience emboldened him to studied law towards fighting injustice in the society.

He is an epitome of simplicity and humility and is not crazy about chieftaincy titles and awards. He has shown that if life throws lemons on someone one can make lemonade. It is only members of his family who can testify what he has passed through in life while in the wildernes

“Being a lawyer, I am  very tolerant and patient of doing things because of law and  constitution. You should not make a mistake or a law breaker. Legal practitioner is not my passion. I am not in it for money. As an activist, human rights lawyer, my aims and objectives are to save lives, fight for the less privileged ones who cannot afford to get a lawyer.”

Ambassador (Barr) Sunny Ebhojiaye successfully completed legal studies at Abuja law school, and was called to Nigerian Bar. He has Bsc Hons at the University of Lagos and Master degree in International Law at the university of Abuja.

He was called to the Nigeria Bar as Solicitor and advocate of the Supreme court of Nigeria. 


Ambassador Sunny, a well travelled lawyer cum journalist has visited many countries as a sports journalist. United kingdom, United States of America, China to cover First Female Football World cup in 1991, Africa Games in South Africa, Nairobi in Kenya, 1997 Africa Games, Switzerland in Geneva, Egypt, Dubai, Ghana, Republic of Benin and many other countries.

God arrested him in 1997, through Prophet T.B. Joshua who broke the chain of captivity. He was a media committee member at the Synagogue Church of All Nations. Today, he is the principal partner, P.S. I Ebhojiaye Associates, Alpha and Omega Chambers, and Publisher City EXPRESS NEWS.