September 27, 2023


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Nigeria needs sting man to put things right in the country. Rev. Samuel Ikpea.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Nigeria Football Supporters Club, National Chairman, Ambassador (Rev) Samuel Ikpea has been a youth leader friend since childhood.  His entire life is characterised by youth activism which has made him a household name in Nigeria.
He was a union president during 
his university days and youth president in his church. When the name of Nigeria list of fame in the sports, football is unveiled, one of the top names is Reverend Samuel Ikpea. He has built a name for himself because of keeping tenaciously to the ethics of his profession and promoting football, supporting the national football teams.
A strong believer in the cooperate existence of Nigeria but not interested in partisan politics.  He is a man that so much believes in himself.  He is a recipients of several awards and recognition.

.              Reverend Samuel Ikpea.

Speaking to City Express News in Lagos, he said it is worrisome that the leaders have failed to put things right. Only God can give good successor of Muhammadu   Buhari, he said.  Like the hunter in the pace setting literature book of “Things fall apart” by late Chinua Achebe, Things in Nigeria have fallen apart and the central cannot hold.  We  need a stingy man like Peter Obi to make a difference. A leader who is not selfish, tribalisic and evil minded.”
Enumerating the qualities of Peter Obi, Reverend Ikpea said,
It must be great testimony to the mental philosophy of Peter Obi who has the fear of God and has the will to succeed. He is a man of the youths. When he assumed office as the Governor of Anambra state, he came on board with the determination of running a government that is dedicated to the service of the collective interest of the state as neccessitated by its peculiar socio political environment. A true democrat whose approach to problems is both human and conciliatory.
Peter Obi  according to him is a man of peace, pace setters who patiently looks to the future with courage and hope. His commitment in the direction of transforming Anambra state into a relatively better integrated and functional polity, capable of securing effective the interest of the various communities and giving opportunity to develop and live in peace with one another finds no parallel.

Labour party presidential candidate Peter Obi.

According to Reverend Ikpea,  Peter Obi’s experience in public administration and corporate management has prepared him sufficiently for the required valuable leadership to lead Nigeria.