September 27, 2023


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Prophetess Vivian David gives joy to virtuos women communities.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye
With Afolabi Oyekunle.
The Christ Chosen Tabernacle held women week service on Sunday 12th of June 2022 at the church auditorium located at Idowu close off second powerline, Sango Ota, Ogun state.

It was a series of celebration and charity donations and projects aimed at improving the lives of Nigerian women.

The initiative is in line with Christ Chosen Tabernacle Ministry’s efforts at driving sustainable impact and accelerating community development. Women empowerment initiative is funded by women ministry of the church led by Prophetess Vivian David, resident pastor of Christ Chosen Tabernacle deliverance ministries.

.        Prophetess Vivian David

Speaking to City Express News in an exclusive interview, Prophetess David said that it is the  church opportunity to give something back to the community through various projects and activities that drive positive social change. 

Prophetess Vivian David and husband Servant Victor David.

Prophetess Vivian, the wife of Servant Victor David, the General Overseer of Christ Chosen Tabernacle deliverance ministries tasked women on sacrifice, and to  love their husband by total submission, obedient and honour.

She acknowledged the great performance and the uniqueness of the women of the chuch in presentation of sermons, praise and worship. The women choristers thrilled the congregation with beautiful songs, dance, bible citation and specialized thanksgiving for the successful women week.

Sister Charity Okafor while preaching stressed the need for a virtuous woman Christian to remain born again in total submission to the will of God in order to qualify her to reign with Christ eternally, stressing that when women give their lives to God they are  called born again and they will be conferred with the grace to overcome sin, a situation which will develop the passion to work for God so as to make heaven.
According to her virtuous women are the crown of their husband. The love of virtuous women must double because true virtuous women life is built on the principles of Christ.

Sister Charity urged every virtuous woman to keep the house in check and raise the bar of righteousness, selfless and the commandments of God to be fulfilled in 

The difference between a virtuous woman and ordinary unbelievers she said was that the virtuous woman live above sinful nature through the power of grace, while ordinary unbelievers swim in sins and tempetations.

Making the condemnation in her sermon to mark the women week, Prophetess Vivian David said it is satanic for wives not to perform their responsibilities, and satanic for wives to demand money from their husbands before making love.