September 26, 2023


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Why I am gathering women for interdominational business fellowship prayer conference. Prophetess Vivian David.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Prophetess (Mrs) Vivian David is a young vibrant pastor and caterer . She founded women interdeminational business fellowship prayer conference, a forum where women can interact together to build family homes.  Coupled with her vast knowledge in catering and computer technology, she decided to initiate such adventure, laudable entrepreneurship for women to learn a career .
The visionary and prophetic woman of God got the vision through dreams while communicating with God.  The wife of Servant Victor David, the General Overseer of Christ Chosen Tabernacle Ministry and the resident pastor, Mrs. Vivian David was very emphatical when she rounded of the peace prayer conference  of women pastors in Sango, Ota, Ogun state.
She urged the women of God to take interdenominational business fellowship peace prayer conference round the local governments, states and Nigeria. 
Prophetess  Vivian David said the prayers are imminent at a time like this when the country is passing through economic and political crisis. 
The woman of God Prophetess(Mrs) Vivian David thought it wise that the state and Nigeria generally need spritual cleansing and the needed annointing of God to re-write the history of Nigeria.
City Express News caught up with the group Convener and Coordinator, Prophetess Vivian David at the Christ Chosen Tabernacle Ministry at Sango in Ogun state.
The great annointed woman of God, Prophetess Vivian David happily received the Publisher/Editor in Chief, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye who surprised her with unexpected courtesy visit.

.              Prophetess Vivian David.

Speaking to City Express News on the programme of women interdominational business prayer of peace fellowship conference, she said the interdenominational worship service will hold in Sango, Ota, Ogun state in October 2022.
“In consideration of the General Overseer valuable advice, we plan to hold the peace prayer conference in October 2022 due to the herculean task.
Continuing she said, God wants intimacy with us, and wants us to draw  into his presence and fill us to over-flowing with his love. But it’s up to the women to open the door of their hearts and allow Jesus to fill their minds and take a stand against Satan’s schemes and welcome the holy spirit and his work in our hearts.
We have every hope of winning the victory. We want the world to stand still for the Grace of God in women business fellowship.    The shoes of Prophetess Vivian David is very large  because of humility and tolerance to other women. She directs all the women affairs of the organization.