September 26, 2023


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I”ve never slept with men to win a beauty contest. Miss Africa Intercontinental.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Comfort Ahuoma Ezekiel, the current Miss Africa Intercontinental beauty Queen is a perfect definition of beauty, elegance, poise, brain, outspoken, intelligent and gifted grace of God. 

She told City Express News in an exclusive interview in Lagos during the week that she became Miss Africa Intercontinental not by an accident but divinely ordained by God.  As a beauty Queen you must have a complete qualities, not just brains alone, but striking looks characteristic of a beauty Queen.

Miss Africa Intercontinental is aimed at helping young talented women find a sense of purpose in their chosen career. 

“Now I want to be an inspiration to women around the world to show them that they can achieve everything they dream of whatever adversaries they face, to be an Africa Beauty Queen is a pride to womanhood.”

Beauty Queen has changed my life for better, though I face a lot of pressure to work freely in the public. The joy of it all, I am happy God touches lives through my humanitarian free  will donations. She said. She said she hates men who fake around, and unable to recipocate the love of women.

.         Comfort Ahuoma Ezekiel.

No woman is comfortable being single and unmarried. I believe today’s women are very careful in dealing with men. Some men derive joy in cheating their wives and make them slaves in the house.

“As a model I have never slept with any man, or judges to win any beauty contest, or slept with any lecturer in the university.
I am not ready for any man to break my heart. As a beauty Queen I am not allowed to have a boyfriend or man friend talkless marriage. Any man interested in me should wait till my tenure expires.”

Why I can never sleep with men for money to win a beauty contest is that, I am very beautiful, brilliant, intelligent, clever, smart, articulate, sound and wise.
I have all it takes to win a beauty contest, why will I bribe a man with my precious body to win a beauty contest.? 

 In my many journey as a super model, I won Miss Ecowas/Hospitality, Miss Smile beauty contest, Miss face of City Express News Global Queen and currently Miss Africa Intercontinental.

Speaking why she is yet to get married, she said, “I have not find my right man, and God chosen husband yet.

 Comfort Ahuoma Ezekiel  has humbly established a charitable foundation, a non governmental, non profit organization, focused on providing for the less privileged, children and orphanaged 

According to her, the most thrilling and happiest moment in her life was emerging as Miss Africa Intercontinental in 2021, a pivotal moment and remarkable in the history of her beauty contests. “Defeating 35 contestants was not a joke but a blessing.”

She is billed to contest at Miss Globe World Beauty Contest in America in October 2022, but the United States of America has not yet granted her visa.