September 27, 2023


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Oh God I’m ripe for marriage, I do not want to be attracted to wrong man. Destiny Etiko.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Destiny Etiko, Nollywood star, actress said though she is single, but not desperate to get married.  In an exclusive interview with City Express News recently at Asaba, Delta State, she said that she is available for the lucky man God has destined for her to marry. 

According to curvy sensational super star, Destiny Etiko, “0h God, I am ripe to get married to a man who can afford me and tolerate my acting career. I am quite awake that I am single who is due for marriage, waiting patiently for God given spouce than settle for less.

Destiny Etiko.

“I am not a cheap and cash carrying lady to bring herself under different forms of pressure, which includes peer pressure, family pressure,and also self imposed pressure. ” I am bigger than tension and unnecessary pressure.”

The Nollywood award winning sexy actress of the year said, she was born great, go and check my Zodiac sign, born on the 12th of August. Anyone  born with Leo sign is always a great person,whether man or woman.

Sensational actress and Instagram  star, Etiko is a woman of desirable quality noted for entertaining capabilities and show caseing her beautiful God’s giving talent.
Destiny Etiko is one of the most expensive, creative, thrilling and most sought after in Nigeria, Africa and in the world.

Today, Destiny is changing the narrative in Nigeria movie industry. A trail blazer award winner at the Africa magic viewers choice award 2022.

Etiko features in  some of the most talked about plays in Nigeria. She is a meticulous personality and kind hearted giver to those in need. She is peaceful, dedicated to duty, loving, disciplined and homely lady.

Due to cultural rich attribute of Ikebe super back side view and outspoken oratory boldness she is being nominated as City Express News promising actress of the year 2022.

Any luck man that finds Destiny Etiko will get the best virtuous and couple of the year award. Married to me is going to  be a valor man, because I am every man,s dream to marry.

The only problem is that I am very selective in chosen my life partner. Marriage is not something one just rush into and rush out. Celebrity marriage today, tomorrow divorce. I am the chosen damsel not the chosen. It is important you marry who you love and desire.

Amos 3:3 says “Can two walk together except they agreed.” I choose to marry my perfect husband, my husband also chose to marry me because of my perfection in me.  It will never work together if the agreement is on one side or the love is one way sided. I made my choices and sticking to them for the rest of my life. She prophecies ” My God destiny husband is on the way”.