September 29, 2023


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Atiku to Obi: Nigeria is bigger than your ambition to be President.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) presidential flagbearer in 2023 general elections, Abubakar Atiku, a quintessential democrat told City Express News in an exclusive interview at the Atiku campaign office in Abuja that the big task before Nigeria is a daunting one and bigger than Labour party presidential candidate, Peter Obi to handle.

According to Abubakar Atiku, “I will obey the law, the constitution and respect the federal character structure. I have no links with terrorists and Boko Haram that are killing everywhere”.  

He said  Nigeria needs someone with leadership devoid of compromise. ” Nigeria is a secular state and religion should be far away in governance, obviously those supporting the labour party candidate Peter Obi do not mean well for the country, as a student can never be better than his master, or vice chancellor in university both in academic, knowledge, experience and leadership.
Atiku noted that Peter Obi is his boy any day and anywhere. Obi left PDP without informing Atiku due to his greediness and over ambition. “As far as I know Peter Obi, he is an apprentice to me, learning politics,
and servant can never be greater than his master.  

 “Being a Governor of Anambra state does not make him strong gladiator to become president of Nigeria, a man who can not even managed a wife cannot control a country. As far as I am concern, Peter Obi is an industrialist without a single company in Nigeria and how can the young man govern a whole country like Nigeria without a state Governor, no senators, and House of representatives under Labour party.

 Where does Peter Obi belongs without a member of local government council chairmen. A man without children cannot be called Father, Obi does not have all the mentioned except his family.”

Obi failed to  halt Anambra state workers strike, the little experience Peter Obi got from PDP and Atiku cannot sustain him and empowered him to be President.

According to Atiku, he was a Governor in Adamawa and Nigeria vice president