September 29, 2023


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Why I’m supporting Peter Obi. Dr. Ebigwei

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Chief (Dr) Sylvanus Olisanye Ebigwei (MON0) is a new generation politician, a dental surgeon, a member of the Ime-Obi Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo and former president, Aka Ikenga, the socio political Igbo-think tank group and former Nigeria Dentist Association president.

In an  exclusive interview with City Express News in his palatial mansion, in Lekki, Lagos, the Iyasei of Okpanam kingdom, Delta State said that Peter Obi is the presidential candidate to trust and elected.

Eulogising Obi,  he said he is a distinguished resources manager and a great philanthropist, a visionary leader, great mobilizer, eloquent with command of English language.

 Revealing the capabilities of Peter Obi ,he said  his worthy past antecedents are  by no means an easy task at all, because analysing  his background, educational attainment, political acumen and leadership qualities of the most celebrated icon of Anambra democratic rejuvention is indeed a very different task.

“However since it has become obligatory for me to unveil the dexterity and leadership qualities of Peter Obi for the reality of the present politics and his mission for Nigeria, I will say Peter Obi is a born leader and has all the inherent qualities of leadership but may not be able to displaying them if certain things are absent.

.               Dr. Ebigwe

According to Ebigwe, the 2023 general elections will be credible and fair with the new innovation and electronic e-voting by INEC. He insisted that justice, equity and political stability support the emergence of the labour party presidential flag bearer, Peter Obi.

Ebigwe said this is the time for the South East to produce president in Nigeria. He reason that the 2023 election will pave way for South East to taste power which gives every section of the federation a proper  sense of belonging. 

He stated that the choice of Peter Obi was as a result of his past governance in Anambra state and  appealed to Nigerians to support Peter Obi as he is capable of turning the country round for better in all aspects of life.

“Peter Obi has a strong political background. His desire to run for presidential ticket is supported by some politicians because of his experience as a former Anambra state Governor.”

Dr. Ebigwei said APC and PDP parties have over stayed in government and they should be sent packing, as  they have nothing to offer anymore .

Dr Ebigwe said the conditions on ground cause people  to worry, with the senseless killings, banditry, kidnapping and armed robbery, and  it will take somebody like Peter Obi to solve.