September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

How Governor Obaseki shocked me with special senior adviser without notice. Clement Aziegbemi.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

More accolades and kudos to Hon: Sir Clement Aziegbemi who has just been appointed as Special Senior Adviser to Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki.

There was a great celebration at Esan South East local government of Edo state, especially Emu kingdom, the home of Hon: Clement Aziegbemi.  At the Osadebe Edo state house, Benin City, people both men and women gathered momentum as Hon Clement Aziegbemi was welcomed to his duty post.

Hon Clement Aziegbemi has a personal record of promoting community improvement right from his university days. As a result, Hon Dr. Tony Aziegbemi his uncle picked interest in him and declared blessings upon his life. 

Hon: Clement Aziegbemi told City Express News why he was the preferred anointed.
“Kudos should be accorded to the man who brought him out from the wilderness, distinguished Hon: Dr. Tony Aziegbemi, father of all father’s, astute political leader, board room guru, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, who recognised and discovered him from nobody to somebody. He said, Dr. Tony Aziegbemi is his mentor and godfather in politics. 

Hon. Clement Aziegbemi gives hope to the hopeless and succor to innumerable widows, orphans. He commissioned projects, solar lights, bore holes and pipe water in Orakhuan town, Emu kingdom in Esan south east, Ubiaja of Edo state.

The inspiration of selfless, charity, work was by divine order led by God into a terrain he never thought before now. “Being a banker, my initial plan was not to be in government. However I have no regret been appointed as Special Senior Adviser to Governor Godwin Obaseki.
My role is a universal one, but it has some peculiarities”.

 He assured that he is not going to dissapoint the people of Edo state, Esan speaking community of Nigeria, that supported his political career. ” I will ensure that the objectives and fundamental reason of my appointment are fulfilled. “

First, I give God all the glory, if anyone will go far in life, there must be submission to a balanced life of godliness, and hard work. I have a humble beginning that’s why Hon: Dr. Tony Aziegbemi shows me love and provided me a breakthrough.”

Dr. Tony Aziegbemi has touched several lives and brought succour to millions of people in diverse ways and leaves footprint for the young man Sir Clement Aziegbemi.