September 29, 2023


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Why Nigeria’s youths are passionate supporting Peter Obi to win 2023 election. Ambassador Nosa


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Ambassador Stephen Ihonsi Nosa, a democrat of no mean, integrity, leader, distinguished United Nations Peace Ambassador who believes in Justice, fraternity, equity and noble deeds, holder of the National Esan hospitality business award is one of the most respected political commentator of our generation.

He is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SUN WAY International Hotel based in Lagos and Ogun states. Nosa belongs to the category of individuals who would not allow sentiment, religion and tribals to cover the truth.

With profound humility, Nosa Ihonsi Stephen, a former Nigeria youths President in Malaysia, told City Express News in an exclusive interview in his Ogun state Sun Way hotel executive office that Peter Obi is highly favoured by Nigerians youths to become President come 2023 due to his physical appearance, success and unblemished records he has packed around his testimonial.

Reeling out the qualities of Peter Obi, he said, “Peter Obi is a  man who is always in pursuit of a purpose driven mission, He does not take anything for granted and does not attribute every move he makes to his strength, but all to the glory of God, that is why Obi is destined and appointed by God to win 2023 election.

Peter Obi in one of his numerous interview with newsmen.

Obi exudes glitzy as a leader. The Nigerian youths he said have seen the glory in him. Peter Obi, he said, started showing all the attributes of a precious child early in life before he became the Governor of Anambra state. ‘ Obi is a humble man, obedient, hardworking and brilliant.  When Obi ventured into the political scene, he got into the arena as a greenhorn, he never came with the backing of any godfather.’

.He never stood a chance to be counted among the possible winners of any election in his governorship race, until God took him to the right place as the Governor of Anambra state. 

 He came, saw and truly conquered, brushing aside the stiff major contenders in his primaries to picked the ticket, defeating  others candidates to emerged the Governor of Anambra state.

” Obi has the skills, experience, character, intelligent, capability and good manifesto to lead Nigeria. The youths like Peter Obi because he will deliver the dividends of democracy, move the country forward and help build a new Nigeria ” he said.