September 26, 2023


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I can act nude for a better pay to show case my talent. Eno Udoh.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Eno Udoh, popular Nollywood actress, career  event planner and business entrepreneur, said she is back to full time acting career that brought her to lime light. 

 She told City Express News in an exclusive interview in Lagos about her mission to conquer the world in the movie industry, a message of hope to her fans.

A business graduate from Kwara State Polytechnic, she is the Chief Executive Officer of Invincible Events outfit.  She is the ultimate winner of First step to stardom reality show London season and member of CMC gladiator.

She said ” As long my producer can pay me a better money to take care of my bills and be comfortable, I am ready to accept the role to act crazy things like being nude.  Acting or movie is just make believe and to entertain fans.  With a better reasonable money, I can act nude.

According to sensational easy going and unobtrusive, Eno, “I love to be a money bag personality. I like to show case my raw talent in the movie industry.  I have acted a lot of seductive roles, so acting nude is not going to be an issue for me, it is not a big deal.

Abundantly gifted actress, Eno Udo is not your run of the mill actress, who can be underestimated and underrated.  She is a super star who comes strong as an entertainer.  A creative actress with difference, hard working event planner.
She has achieved a lot in the Nigerian home movie industry.

” I have never acted naked before now and also have not been sexually harassed by any producer.  I’m one of the lucky actress. I have featured in ‘Death Warrant, Family Ties, Life secret and Dignity and Tears of a mother, Moments  and host of others.
The Akwa Ibom state born actress has many things working for her.  Eno Udo, a mother, caterer, events planner is becoming one of the most sought after in the movie industry.  She is a role interpreter, creative writer, and producer.

She said that she took break from Nollywood to get a better skills in catering and event planning.  Now she is back for good to shake the world. Eno advised those coming into Nollywood  to be ready for the intellectual work that comes with the glamour of the industry.

According to her, acting involves brainwork and hard work. She said don’t see acting as a career you can come into when all other careers are not working for you.  Acting is not just looking good, it involves a lot of energy work, commitment and focus.”. My rising career is made possible by Ambassador Cornelius Udofia, the Publisher of CMC, the Gladiator Magazine.