September 29, 2023


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Black out in Emu kingdom: 3 Human rights lawyers threaten court action against Edo Disco.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

All efforts to find a possible solution to reconnect electricity back to Emu kingdom in Esan South East local government area of Edo state has proved abortive for the past years. Emu people live without light, resulting in business activities being paralysed  which is a violation of their fundamental rights.

Three human rights lawyers recently spoke to City Express News
Publisher/Editor in Chief, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye in different interviews on their next action against Edo state Electricity distribution company.  First to speak is Barrister Dominic Ehimare, a Lagos based lawyer.

Barrister Dominic Ehimare, a member of Civic Rights Liberty Organization advised the Edo state electricity distribution company to desist from the unconstitutional act and reconnect electricity back to the kingdom to avoid litigation.  ” I would not tolerate any government agency to violate the fundamental  rights of the people of Emu as enshrined in the Nigeria constitution 1999 as amended.”

Barrister Ehimare is a man on mission, a milk of kindness that cannot be overemphasized. He said as for today there’s no single functional business activity in that community of very enterprising people.  The PHCN when approached by his honourable self in 2017 was told that my community EMU was owning them to the tune of three million naira.

Despite his background and bourgeois class, he is one man that loves equity.  He can give his last penny just to make people around him comfortable. According to Ehimare, political consciousness and heavy participation of the Emu people dates back to the era of NCNC and late Sage Obafemi Awolowo’s Action Group. 
Ever since the Emu people have been heavily partisan in the running and sustainability of democracy in Nigeria. Against this lofty background it becomes disheartening and sad that Emu kingdom with a robust numbers of voters still suffer the denial of the dividends of democracy .

Emu is a far cry from government presence in terms of infrastructural development. Chief amongst this blatant denial or near denial is the non functional presence of electricity for 10years now.
We raised a very robust amount of money to defray the debt yet there was no success in restoring electricity to Emu community. My only plea and strong plea is for the Governor of Edo state, Governor Godwin Obaseki to come to our rescue. We have been aliens and cut off from civilization, it is not fair, its condemnable and highly reprehensible. A responsible government should be responsible to its citizens. 

Emu boasts of illustrious sons and daughters who have contributed one way or the other to the political evolution of Nigeria. We deserve a better treat. He said Emu is a far cry from governmental presence in terms of infrastructural development.

He noted that since far over 10years now, this sprawling kingdom has been plunged into total darkness.
He said that there are great men and women who are unifying force and a tower of strength for Emu kingdom, like Hon. Tony Aziegbemi, a unique and helpful man to Emu kingdom. He is a man on whom we could always depend, no matter whose feelings were ruffled.

We believe so much on Dr. Tony Aziegbemi because he possesses a strong moral character that is why most of us became disappointed for not been able to provide solution of light problem in Emu kingdom. 

The most challenging task we face in Emu is to raise 2 million naira to pay Edo Disco. We had to properly estimate the total cost of transformer and the money came with the efforts of individuals contributions.

Barrister Percy Oboh, gentle, unassuming and a very intelligent man with dogged principles detests injustice and has to speak out to Emu elders for the solution after the 2million was raised. He also contributed to the completion of the money. 

Barrister Oboh is one person who is passionate about his community. 

Another prominent lawyer, Barrister Chris Aghenta told City Express News that he is not going to condemn anybody for the delay of electricity light in Emu kingdom. “Condemnation does not built men up but discouraged them. If a snake fails to show its venom, little kids will use it in tying firewood”. 

There are times when one defends one capability, water does not get bitter, without a cause, there is a reason for everything.  We are now going to take a legal action when the peace resolution fails. We have decided to apply wisdom, because of stubborn people in charge of Edo Electricity distribution. Salute the deaf, if the heaven don’t hear the earth will hear. Let us do the correct things there are those who will understand.”

According to Aghenta, when it comes to legal processes the Edo Disco will complain more but must comply with the court ruling.  He said Jesus who taught his Disciples how to cast the devil did not teach them to follow the devil. ,” Let there be light in Emu kingdom and I do not care again how it can be done, all I am interested, let there be light.