September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

How I plan to celebrate my triple celebration. What media guru, legal luminary told City Express News.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

The General Overseer of Christ Chosen Tabernacle Deliverance Ministry, Servant Victor David congratulates Ambassador (Barr) Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye in advance for his triple celebration coming up on October 1st 2022. He described Barrister Sunny as a focus, irrepressible and indispensable friend, great achiever and without doubt an incomparable human machine endowed with impeccable devotion to duty.
The General Overseer Christ Chosen Tabernacle Deliverance Ministry Servant Victor David said Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye as intriguing personality, Itaman means a man whom the Almighty God has lifted the veil, however fleetingly for a privileged peek into the future.

A prophecy carrier for future revelation on his 62 years birthday, we wish him many happy return and pray that God will continue to bless him.

According to Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye, some great personalities are going to be honoured on the day. Those behind the scene and those who assisted the writers, reporters with information and other materials that were instrumental to the success of Alpha and Omega Communications, the power house of City Express News, and On Line TV project.

We are going to present awards to appreciate their input support. The support and contributions of the City Express News Management team led by General Manager, Servant Victor David, the General Overseer of Christ Chosen  Tabernacle deliverance ministry and Deputy Editor Afolabi Oyekunle, Operational Manager, Chike James Igwe and other awardees .

The social activist lawyer is passionate about justice and fairness to all and the welfare of the City Express News Management team. He is keen to dialogue, listen, reason and analyse a story before going to the press. It is clear that his parents saw him from birth as a child of destiny who is destined to achieve greatness hence the names Prince Sunny Itaman Ebhojiaye.
The name Itaman has the native Esan connotation of a struggling flame, much like the gas flares shooting in parts of the Niger Delta environment. 

October 1st 1960, the date of his birthday happened to be Nigeria’s independence day. Ambassador Sunny has shown that he has the courage to take tough decision and act decisively. We see evidence of the Hands of God driving events towards a fulfill destiny.  

The stories  you are about to read about in the subsequent news are going to be about his celebration plans.
The story of Nigeria independence richly endowed with human and material resources at the 62 anniversary of its existence as an independent nation,its triumphs and failure up to this historical juncture that it appears to be on the brink of a failed country.

How does he plan to celebrate his 62nd birthday, City Express News crew asked him last week.

This is the map of the event of three days .
Already he has set up a power committee to plan the birthday, newspaper anniversary and the launching of the repackaged City Express News. The celebrations will be three parts,  musical, concert, football match, parading of five beauty Queens, awards presentation and the launching of the City Express News.

Having been in Nigeria’s public space as a lawyer, media mogul, politician, organiser Miss Nigeria independence beauty pageant. The glory belongs to Almighty God for his mercies, grace and benevolence. May your shadow never grow less.