September 26, 2023


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2023: How APC will win Edo Central Senatorial District, restore Esan people’s glory. Okpebholo.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Frontline politician and All Progressive Congress (APC) candidate for Senate in Edo Central Senatorial District, representing Irrua, the headquarters of Edo central, the Nigeria political Barack Obama of Edo state, Akpakomiza is a true  man that knows road.

Speaking to City Express News in an interview through telephone conversation, Monday Okpebholo, said that he will restore Esan people’s glory and perform creditably if he is voted to power as Edo Central Senatorial district candidate. “I will reshape Esan land in Edo state when I assume office as Senator”.

I will see to the reconstruction of the bad road from Benin to Esan land, there will be improved security, and social amenities in Esan land generally, he said.

Speaking further about his plans for the people of Edo central, the brilliant well trained grass root politician, Okpebholo said that he is not in APC to speak in tonques without action.  ” I came to make impact and good changes.
Monday Okpebholo, described by his campaign spokesman, God’swill Inegbe as a humble man but humility personified. If there is a man with perfect humble nature and honesty, then that one person is Akiakomiza. God’s will Inegbe said that Okpebholo glory belong to God.

Monday Okpebholo aka Akpakomiza, All Progress Congress candidate for Senate in Edo central Senatorial District announced the donation of set of computers and installation of free internet service as his support towards the development of education in his Federal constituency.
Apart from the donation, he went further to employed the services of the Engineer who installed vthe WIFI internet.

According to the spokesman for Akpakomiza campaign organization, Godswill Inegbe, Monday Okpebholo is one Nigerian politician who is making waves and marks in governance and a great leader to the core.

Bringing this solid experience to bear in governance he will have landslide victory in the 2023 Senatorial election.through  his poverty alleviation, wealth creation, developmental agenda, infrastructure consolidation, education and host of others.

Akpakomiza has since began to show to the people of Edo central that he is capable, reliable, vibrant, committed and trusted to deliver the dividends of democracy.