September 29, 2023


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Sunny side of life: Waiting for my best birthday gift.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

As at the time of writing this column, I have not seen or receive any special gift yet. Under very normal circumstances by now I should have get more than expected, as a game changer and man of the people.
This  is to tell  the situation  in Nigeria.  We need God more than before.  This is a great warning for me and Nigerians to continue to praise God no.matter the situation. In my 62 years on earth, this is the first time to share my bank account for support.
Few weeks to my birthday celebration silent everywhere except God who has not fail.  Those my friends, colleagues, family, children, grand children who are expected to celebrate with me must not put me to shame. I have been asking God to give me power as a Pastor to do exploit, deliverance, healing and  prophecies as a true man of God.
What is the need of going to Bible college without power to cast out demons.  Do I need another ordination as a Pastor.  May be journalism and legal practice as a lawyer is alright for me.
By now as a pastor, I should have been expecting car gift. Do I call this a tale of lamentations, pains, troubles and bad dreams?. My God has told me  that it is not over yet until it is over.
This column is as old as 30years. Sunny side of life created by me at Sports Illustrated Magazine as the Editor in Chief. That sports illustrated magazine took me to many places in those days. Way back to 1991, first women football world cup where I represented Sports illustrated magazine as Editor in Chief to cover the event as a sports journalist. In Sports Express I maintained Sunny side of sports. I am a member of Sports Writers Association of Nigera (SWAN) .
It was on Sports beat, I and Afolabi Oyekunle know each other. He was then with Radio Lagos. 
As a  Commissioner of police, CP Francis Bolaji Odesanya who died while serving as Commissioner of Police Rivers state was a great friend more than a brother and he single handedly sponsored my birthday five consecutive times.
Barrister Sunny, a lawyer, journalist, event planner, businessman, politician, game changer is in top gear for the celebration.
The preparations are in top gear, three hotels are thump up to host the man of the people.
Royal spark, Classic International Hotel, Sunway hotel, Quincy International hotel based in Apapa. My friend and mentor, IGP MD Abubakar rtd is currently enjoying his retirement in Dubai. I wish I can reach him before my triple celebration.
My God has not told me yet it is over until it is over.  City Express News operation manager,  Mr. Chike James Igwe who sponsored last two years event, I have not heard from him concerning this year’s event. To God be the glory for everything.