September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye declares three days for praying, fasting for his triple celebrations.

 By Afolabi Oyekunle.

As he celebrates 62years on earth, 15th years anniversary of City Express News, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye is set to present a fantastic tabloid newspaper, City Express News for launching.


1st October 1960 is now an icon fzor United Nations Peace ambassador, great writer, broadcaster, author, super model, publisher, lawfffff f fyer, serial entrepreneur, story teller, entertainment promoter, sports administrator, politician, veteran journalist, biographer and event planner.

Turning 62 in Nigeria of today is a tear of joy, that is why he is declaring three days of praying and fasting.He urged every Nigerian to pray and fast for the country.
Those who know him and love him said Sunny is wonderfully and fearfully made. By stroke of divine luck, he has successfully managed the lows and the mighty and is in good health in company of his loving wife, children and grand children. He can happily look back and thank God for his mercies.

DE Sunny Moore or Agboolo  his popular name in the early eighties as Disco Jockey, at the Adesua Disco hotel in Ubiaja, Esan south east of Edo state. He attended five different secondary schools. Oria Institute of Commerce, Ubiaja Institute of Continuous Education,  St. John Bosco College Ubiaja and Emu Grammar school, all in five years in Esan South East local government area of Edo state.

He attended University of Lagos and University of Abuja. Following his graduation from law school in Abuja, he decided to settle down to practice law in Lagos and Abuja where two of his offices are located. For several years now he has combined  journalism profession with legal practice and devoted a great deal of time on reflecting on conditions of life and business.

By 2015 he had formulated  a definite philosophy of business relations. Sunny is also prominent in civic and professional work. He is a Civic Rights activist lawyer,    Chairman and Publisher of City Express News and Principal partner  P.SI. Ebhojiaye Associates Alpha and Omega Chambers.
Barrister Sunny Itaman Ebhojiaye is a defender of the rights of the common man,he is a moderniser, a source of joy and fountain of hope, a bastion of inspiration to a great percentage of the nation’s population.

We cannot therefore but thank God for the gift of this great man of honour who has not only proved that selfless service is a value to be cherished but has also continue to provide hope that quality service is the best measure of greatness.