September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Royal Spark Class Hotel will soon be a case study in hospitality business.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Mr. Success Omon Asika, the Chief Executive Officer of Royal Spark Classic International hotel, a fast growing and leading hospitality outfit in Ogun state  is a self made man who rose to the Meridian of success by combination of sheer hard work, humility, honesty, prudence, discipline and self control.

Success Omon Asika is a story of one man who is determine to establish a reputation grounded on hardwork, vision and ambition.

From 2020 to 2022 he has built another magnificent hotel.  Success Omon Asika is a humanitarian per excellence and a great philanthropist.
Though, Asika is a discipline and focus business man, after his 25years in Canada, as ardent socialite and well travelled tourist, he returned to Nigeria to established Royal Spark Classic International hotel. 

The hotel is the first in Ogun state to offer Airport shuttle and protocol services with super giant swimming pool.

Mr. Asika said when the Royal Spark Classic International hotel is  finally completed it will cause ripples with computerized modern tourism center in the land.  The new hotel which is at the opposite of the first Royal Spark Classic hotel will soon become the centre of attraction in Ogun and Lagos states.

As a Hotelier and business man with humour and style, his sense of sacrifice for humanity are built on youth emancipation, economic empowerment and national development from which the dream of his first hotel emanated.

The second new hotel which is about to be officially open for customers is a multipurpose built hotel in Ogun state within a year. Omo Asika’s appetite for breaking new grounds is still insatiable, thus he ventured into car hire and estate construction industry.

The new hotel has services like executive guest rooms, lodging, travellers rooms, restaurant/bar, night club, event centre, dry cleaning, swimming pool/ car park.

Having gone through daunting challenges in life, his ground breaking success in hospitality could be attributed to his large heart and ability to take courageous decisions, consciously he is regularly guided by personal value rather than business theories as he put all efforts to erect the edifice.

Royal Spark Classic International hotel is located at 10, Inaolaji Akanbi street, off Isiaka Oseni street, Mopol junction, Aiyetoro, Itele Ogun state.

Success Asika said Royal Spark Classic International hotel location in Itele area of Ogun state will not be a barrier as the VIP services will make the hotel a case study for other Hoteliers to copy or use as a reference point.