September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye rolls out drums for 62nd anniversary. Sets to honour Achievers.

By Afolabi Oyekunle

Celebrating Law Phenomenon at 62, on 1st October 2022 at Royal Spark Classic International Hotel will come alive for a triple celebration at the new magnificent hotel, the Classy event tagged triple celebration with music, awards, launching and cutting of epech anniversary cake.
The names of award winner is still kept silence due to some distinguished and eminent personalities expected to attend the great celebrate party.

Some names of members of City Express News, fans club and who is who in the country are to celebrate with the man of the moment, Ambassador Sunny Ebhojiaye. 

City Express News management has specifically promised to honoured those who have been extra supportive in terms of finances, prayers, connectivity and selflessness.
The woman behind the strongman, Mrs. Joy Ebhojiaye.

The media guru, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye is not just a Barrister at law but a Honourable one who has also become source of Inspiration and benevolence to many.