September 27, 2023


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Residents of Itele community areas of Ogun state live in fear of cultists harassment.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Suspected cultists have made the residents of Itele, Aiyetoro area of Ogun state  uncomfortable with the presence of Eiye and Black axe confraternity holding the people hostage. It has been pains and sorrow with the notorious cultists taken over .

 Cultists at  Itele, Aiyetoro area of Ogun state have declared war against their fellow rival members who crossed each other parts, while their activities have not   been checked  by the police of Itele police divisional headquarters of Ogun state.

The cultists have been causing mayhem, havoc and have constitute nuisance in the Aiyetoro area and always storm Royal spark classic hotel and sack the hotel customers with their dangerous weapons. 

City Express News gathered that the infamous Aiye cultists and Black Axe confraternity have gunned down four rival members to death with pistol. The Eiye cultists members are always at war and revegend mission.

The cultists use gun, cutlass, axe and knife to butcher their rival gangs.  They   operate both day and night without intervention of the police. The police officers from Itele police division do have the pleasure to come to Royal spark classic hotel anytime, a musician is performing and entertaining the customers.

  The police normally arrest innocent customers and lodgers in the hotel for their selfish interest.

Marijuana sales has taken over Itele areas by criminals. The banned drug substance popularly known as Igbo or cannabis has flooded the streets of Itele.

Our investigation showed that the banned substance is not only freely sold publicly at the motor parks, hotels, and business centres without any hindrance from the Nigeria police force. It is now display in the full glare of the public by the sellers. 
Cocaine and heroine are also sold publicly without intervention of police and other security operatives.
City Express news gathered that police know the sellers and the buyers. Then who do we blame for the criminality in the land?.