September 26, 2023


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Sunny Side of Life: Nigeria @ 62. How our greedy leaders enriched themselves with public funds.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Nigeria, Africa stand still for Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye at 62, and Nigeria Independence celebration.
As for  Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye, Nigeria is sick at 62, as all  is not well with the country. Sunny has therefore called for prayers to heal the land and for the country to prosper.   Criticisms trail the celebration of the country’s 62nd independence anniversary with some non govern mental organizations blaming the nation’s woes on greedy leaders.

A group Concerned Advocates for good Governance led by Engineer Godwin Iyoha told City Express news in an exclusive interview that  the country leaders since 1960 independence had enriched themselves with public funds rather than work for the good of the citizens.

Another human rights lawyer, Barrister Bassey A. Bassey said in Lagos that the desire for personal wealth by the past and present leaders is setting the country backwards. Also Barrister Bright Oyebuchi, a human rights activist lawyer described 62 years of independence as a complete waste, bungled opportunities and total ruin of a nation.

        NnNigeria captured in map.

“The APC led government has failed Nigerians woefully.  This is not Nigeria our founding father dreamt about. Tension in everywhere of the country and no one in particular is in charge.

Buhari led government APC is the worst government ever since 1960.  Politics in Nigeria like a game of roulete is not for the fainthearted, characterized very often by mind blowing intriques, deliberate blackmail, dirty propaganda, outright deceit and sometimes, gruesome killings, this is one terrain even Angels fear to thread.”

.             Nigeria’s Flag.

That Nigeria is richly endowed with abundant natural and human resources is no longer news even the poor beggar in the street knows this. That we are born to be great is clear to all, but unfortunately we are not great instead we are a nation in distress, a nation on verge of failing, a nation that is gradually drifting towards distentegration.

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye. 

Our woes as a country are visible in everything in the epileptic power supply in the death traps we call roads and in the insecurity of lives and property in the land, poverty and others.