September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

How ACP Patrick Ejedawe wins life time achievements merit award 2022.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

It was the great Zik of Africa who in his autobiography said a nation which lack the sprit of hero-worship is not capable of historical achievements because it is on the high spot of individuals biography that the inspiration of national rebirth is germinated.

Assistant Commissioner of Police ACP Patrick Ejedawe is one police officer who has been working silently and immensely to change people’s perception about the Nigeria police force.  ACP Patrick Ejedawe clearly exemplified this great thought when he said police force are the most least corrupt organization compared to other agencies.

There is need for us to give recognition to great police leaders living or dead.  It is an important part of nation building.  We should cultivate a keen sense of history.
ACP Ejedawe has distinctly brought sanity into his Nasarawa state command as one of the best area Commanders in the country.

In all the visible places around the compound wall of command is displayed Do not give bribe or money in exchange. “Bail is Free We insists.

For police, do not collect  bribe or a gift from any person who comes to release a suspect under our custody.

For the warning to every police officer they are very loyal to an order by Area Commander, one Shehu Gambari came to bail his brother who was under police custody less than 24hours. He ended up paying nothing to secured the released Mohammed Sule, a case of stealing and threats to life. Imagine Nigeria police is getting better, Mr Shehu uttered.

Apart from being a disciplinary leader, he is a man of taste and class.

ACP Patrick Ejedawe is one of the best police human rights advocate, he does not allow any suspect stay more than 24hours before charging the case to court if there is substantial evidence. He is a trained police human right officer . He knows the law and obey the laws.
ACP Patrick Ejedawe, salt of the earth, amiable gentle man to the core , was last promoted to  Assistant Commissioner of police in 2018. Having sealed the three stages of achieving greatness to come, to see and to conquer,  the no nonsense dogged crime Burster who is still doing more, has become an Iroko tree that serves as source of protection to all and sundry.

Indeed his sojourn in Nigeria police and the various land mark achievements he accomplished has made him a man with a midas touch. Everything about him is golden. This great police officer has represented the force in various capacities in different parts of the country. 

In 2011, ACP Patrick Ejedawe led the team of police officers when he was the Commander (PMF) Police Mobile Force 2 Squadron, Keffi, as an ( SP) a Superintendent of Police, they stormed the hide out of the armed robbers/kidnappers in a great display of courage and gallantry and arrested two notorious members of the kidnap gang namely Kenneth Okonkwo, and Azubike Okafor.

Items recovered from their hide out included one rocket launcher, three rockets, eight AK-47 riffles, one hundred and seventy four  7,62mm ammunition. Two pairs of locally made handcuffs, the sum of three million naira allegedly paid as ransom, one Nissan Xtetra jeep rag No:  RN-138-AAA, two cutlasses, four telephone handsets, one tiger generator set, one stabilizer, one standing fan, assorted charms and two vehicles number plates E6-815-BEN and CW-815-REE.

It was this feat that made  former Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Raji Fashola gave them awards and recommendations. Former Governor Raji Fashola wrote to police authority and recommended the police officers for promotion. However the police commissioner picked his own people and sent their names for promotion, while the leader of the team, ACP Patrick Ejedawe name was not included. That is the politics of the police force!

To do one’s duty is to eat the prized fruit of honour. City Express News management has advised ACP Patrick Ejedawe not to be discouraged for lack of promotion.

City Express News organization has therefore given the man that the crown fits, The life time achievement award.  The award will go a long way. Permit me to announce to you ACP Patrick Ejedawe as the security Czars for the year 2022. Lifetime award, Congratulations.