September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

I’ll not die but live, to God be the glory, Nigeria is sick at 62. (Sunny side of life) Satan has fallen.

By the time you are reading this story your sincerely, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye might have finished his testimony in the church what God has done for me.  I am thanking God because the enemies do not want me to witness today.
Those who want to see my birthday suit have been put to shame by Almighty God. To my brothers and sisters who are truly born again Christians going to church, clapping your hands, dancing and singing are not enough.  It is one thing to be born again, it is another thing to be spiritually matured after years of being born again.

This is my first time in 62years on earth, my birthday celebration became dullness, I meant spiritual dullness. Acts 28: 27. Galatians 3:1. Hebrew 5:11.

My fellow Nigerians do not be deceived, Heaven cannot change its standard because of me and you.
Nigeria is sick at 62, that was what affected me to be sick also.  At this juncture I urge Nigerians to pray for the recovery  of this great nation.

Let us pray together for Victory over the thieves being celebrated by President Buhari with national honours bestowed on some underserved cabals in the country.

How are you fulfilling the mission for which you are created by your Creator if you are failing, re-adjust and buckle up so that you can be successful and make heaven on the day of judgement.
For God Is not unjust to forget my work and labour of love which I have shown to his glorious name. Saturday October 1st 2022 would for a long time be remembered as typhoid fever arrested me.
My sicknesses has never passed a week in my life but harder my enemies come harder they fall.