September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

National disaster honoured, public service failure!.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The country that is crumbling and crawling at 62 and is given national awards to its citizens that means Nigeria is doomed for failure. President Buhari has focus on issues that massage the ego of the elite class, wealthy people and APC appointed officers, deepen the pockets of a selected few turning a blind eye on the more threatening issues .

We live in a world where great nations are built through initiatives from selfless enterprising citizens.  While majority serve their personal interests only few citizens deploy their genius for public service in a profound way.

Within this minority are citizens who have built visible enduring legacies that touch on diverse areas of our national lives.  Those who are honoured by President Muhammadu Buhari  do not deserve those national honours. Their signatures are etched in very area but they have not been properly honoured.
Even when they are honoured the essence of the honour is lost to discerning people because they are lumped together with more undeserving folks in sessions driven more by patronage than merit.

Those honoured have no place in history of Nigeria success than looting Nigeria natural resources, only few of them deserved honour.

It is only in this country that looters are honour with national awards. We are busy chasing shadows and celebrating thieves, robbers and criminals when the leaders that fail us should be ashamed of themselves. It is indeed scandalous that those who reaped the nation of its natural wealth, oil and governance are being allow to collect national honours.

Where are the Whistle blowers, EFCC, lCPC, and law enforcement agencies.? Did God make a mistake to bless us with oil in our soil and shouldn’t we as a people have any gain as an oil producing country. 
Nigerians let us think. Think deeply. It is ridiculous and embarrassing to see that our military and security agencies cannot help themselves because the Fulani people have occupied the better parts in our country.

They are the same people that are at war with Nigeria. The revelation and confession made by arrested terrorists Book Haram, Fulani herdsmen are stunning and the evidence overwhelming story for Nigeria to be divided.  How do we as a nation bring the cabals to book?.

A good mission tells the story of its good works. Do our country Nigeria has vision and mission after 62years of Independence ?, there is nothing to show for it.

Nigeria is sick because a man born on October 1st 1960 is  sick and he needs a Destiny helper, so also Nigeria need a Destiny helper