September 25, 2023


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How ACP Patrick Ejedawe get accolades for excellent meritorious human rights service award.

By Itaman Sunday.

For months running the assistant Commissioner of police, ACP Patrick Ejedawe has been receiving different distinguished leadership merit awards.

His recent human rights advocate and public relations award by International Human Rights Commission is a clear vision whose mission is to better and uplift the name of Nigerian police to high heaven.

ACP Ejedawe.

His police service performance delivery and benevolence knows no bound, it is not surprising that his humanitarian gestures has often won him a lot of admirers and endeared him to different strata of the society

A cursory look at his life and achievements easily depicts the character and personality of a man dedicated to police duty, selflessness and human welfare.

His gallant penchant and vision for excellence to duties has often placed several responsibilities on his shoulders.

Nevertheless, he is not given to excuses nor levity. The Esan community of Uromi, Edo state born has rose to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of police in 2018.After over 30th years of efficient and dedicated service in Nigeria police force, he has obviously made the imprints of his contributions well felt even beyond the border of Nigeria. What more could be said of this gentleman, perfect, hard working and of immense quality who without doubt is a newsmaker. Today he is an area commander in Nasarawa state police command.

According to letter to ACP Patrick Ejedawe by International Human rights commission based in Geneva, Switzerland and copied City Express News Office:

The letter described him as a pragmatic person for his commitment to duty, dedication, professionalism and proactive police officer of high esteem and excellent service.

A great gallant officer with passion for the police force who has never compromised his professional ethics.

The International Human rights commission (IHRC) said the award is due to his positive leadership and visionary footprints in his career.

‘You have been such a pleasant and marvelous friend to International Human rights commission and it has deem it fit to honour you with this prestigious award of most performing police officer of the year and history will forever remember you.

We are proud of you for such an indefatigable defender human rights police officer.

Police armoured vehicle

Hearty, congratulations. We have never regretted working with ACP Patrick Ejedawe, and urged him to continue his good work of protecting and policing the neighborhood and Nigeria.

When the City Express news sought the view of ACP Patrick Ejedawe, he simply said to God be the glory. Its been wonderful and I bless God for the wonderful award by international human rights commission. For such international recognition, “I am not clamouring for anything in life than for God to bless me more and bless the work of my hands.

As for the Inspector General of Police, IGP Alkali I wish to thank him and I believe in him and his ability to do more despite all odds. God will continue to protect him, and bless him for his onerous responsibilities.