September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

C@S Movement Church, Wasinmi Ogun State, lines up activities to mark Ist year anniversary.

For those he loves, God calls to his vineyard to serve him. Some accepted the call with joy and work tremendously in the vineyard, while some because of filmsy excuses refused the call. In Exodus 3:4, God called Moses in the bush while tending the sheeps of his father in law, Moses did not look back and through him God brought out the Israelites from the land of bondage in Egypt.

And so it is with Superior Apostle Ibisola Ogayemi, Leader in Charge C@S Movement Church, God’s Mercy Pavilion Renewal District, Ogbere in Wasinmi, Ogun state.

Superior Apostle Ogayemi, a prominent Barrister and once Secretary of the Lagos State Commission of the House of Assembly.

He has to leave everything aside to heed the call of God and built a massive Church for the Lord in a remote village in Ogbere, Wasinmi, Ogun state. And since he built the Church, Apostle Ogayemi has not looked back, doing the work of God, wooing people near and far to give their lives to God.

Now the ‘tree’ church planted in Ogbere has grown and now a year old. Apostle Ogayemi attributed everything to God, his calling, achievements and the growth of the church. He said there are many challenges facing the Church due to its location as many prefer to go outside to worship, but he said in all God is on the throne.

According to Apostle Ogayemi the 1st anniversary of the church will hold on Saturday 12th November by 10.00am at the Church premises, Ogbere road, via Total filling station bus stop, Wasinmi Ogun state.

A three day crusade is to preced the anniversary from Wednesday 9th to Friday 11th November at the Church premises, with the Theme: Restore Unto Me The Joy of the Salvation. Psalm 51:12. The revival according to Apostle Ogayemi will see the Hands of God moving and there are expectations of Healing, Deliverance, Salvation, Restoration and Blessings.

Prominent personalities are expected to attend the events.