September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes



Senator Clifford Ordia is a man of pace setter who patiently looks to future with courage and hope. His commitment in the 8 National Assembly and 9 upper chamber has touched many lives and given hope and succour to the people of Edo central senatorial district.

          The call of senator Ordia is different this time around apart from having a ring of importunate demand for a voice that need to transform Edo central. Senator Engineer Ordia 9 senate still resonate with the people. The nostalgic memories of his robust National assembly to complete his many projects. The brilliance of his argument on the floor of the senate regardless, speaking out against, injustice is more beneficial to the Edo central now that his political direction has become a tough now to hoe. Legislation comes with responsibility which does not preclude attracting projects but not solely it’s own end.

          The call on Ordia to return back to National assembly may be part of effort to stanch possibly hemothage that will occur when Senator Ordia in my view, is a man of the moment. Ordia’s current political adroitness is not a flash in the pan.

          It is equally true that every section of the society of every group in the community is entitled to a fair share of the government limited resources. Senator Clifford Ordia, has patriotically resorted to care the balancing of interests and demands and constantly reconciling conflicting claims and demands in Edo central since assumption of office. The height by great men reached and kept were not totaling attained by sudden flight, but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night”. This instructive quote most eloquently capturers the life of senator Ordia; the man of the moment and two times senator of federal Republic of Nigeria, under the current democratic dispensation, whose outstanding achievement have not only confounded his critics but have drawn considerable applause from far and near. A hard working, focused, honest, selfless, compassionate and God fearing man.

          Senator Clifforg A. Ordia is back to restore a hope to the people of Edo central by revamping our Educational system introducing intellectual property to our legislatives process like never before.  To promote transparency and attract honest investors to create millions of jobs. He has passion to also promote women and youth developmental programme.

          Senator Ordia has so far demonstrate maturity, statesmanship and tenacity of purpose with his unique approach of consulting with Nigerians of different strata. His consultation have also shown that Edo central and Nigerian politics could be played with honor and respect for the people.

          His messaging which he delivers with captivating eloquence and articulation shows that he is a better prepared person than his two previous outing in National assembly. Ordia is among the few whose aspiration offer some freshness for a number of reasons so far, he has demonstrated an uncanny courage of conviction which clearly positions him as a states man. I am very sure senator is coming back to nation assembly and the critics will be shocked and bow in shame. Ordia is chosen man and God has given mantle of leadership.