September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes



By prince sunny Ebhojiaye

The war against kidnapping, armed robbery, terrorism, and criminality was launched recently by the commissioner of police, Delta State command, CP Mohammed Ali, It has been a total war against criminality.

          City express News, publisher, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye was in Asaba Delta State police command to find out the leadership style, robust ways and manners the commissioner of police in Delta State since resumption office , CP Mohammed Ali said, that he has been handling and piloting the affairs of Nigeria police force in peaceful and calm manner.

          The Delta State police command is sustaining It’s aggressive drive against criminals in every path of the State, especially Warri and Sapele and It’s environs using informants and intelligence gathering to their advantage. He noted that the police officers in Delta State has been at war with criminals 24/7,and we keep vigil.

CP Ali said there relentless efforts at keeping criminals at bay is making Delta safe for all and sundry. The manner of crime here is kidnapping for ransom, armed robbery, murder cases and cultism without traces.. We  are able to subdue through the use of informants and intelligence gathering and visibility policing style to do the job. It has really assisted us to recover a lot of arms ammunition and make assets.

          Super cop Mohammed Ali said, he knows how it feels to be down in the valley and up on the mountain top of the game. His dogged determination made him a great crime fighter.

Cp Mohammed Ali is a security operative of international repute, who toss to the pinnacle of success by the combination of sheer hard work, honesty, humility, prudence, discipline, integrity, self-control and above all, the fear of God having gone through daunting challenges in life, his ground breaking success in polling intelligence, gathering and investigation could be attributed to his large heartiness and ability to take courageous decision based on convictions. Consciously he is regularly by personal values.

Rather than security theories, he put all his effort to protect lives, property and enforce law and order in every he is posted to he perform his duty perfectly, even in the face of threaten to his life. His numerous but countless training and expedition beyond the coast of Nigeria,

as an astute police officer with humors and style, his sense of sacrifice for humanity is built on safety, peaceful co-existence and national development.


As an astute police officer with humus and style, his sense of sacrifice for humanity is built on safety, peaceful co-existence and national development.