September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

I feel sick whenever Wike is commanding me to go, only Atiku can take Nigeria to the promised land. Ayu.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Politics is about people, about opinion leaders, about the leaders people look up to, so if a party has a concentration of such leaders, logically it will translate into electoral victory. That is the words of Senator Iyorcha Ayu, the National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic party.

In an exclusive telephone interview .with City Express News during the week, he said the battle for the presidential ticket of the PDP in the 2023 general election is not between Governor Nyeson Wike and Senator Iyorcha Ayu. The clock is ticking fast, I have no time to engage myself with Governor Wike. A fowl does not forget where it lays its eggs. It is one word of advice that one needs to give to a wise man and that word of advice keeps multiplying in my mind. A good name is better than gold. He who is courteous is not a fool. The fowl perspires, but the feathers do not allow us to see the perspiration. A rich man succeeds through his hard work, but his wealth hides his challenges. Those who are carrying elephants home on their heads need not use their toes to dig crickets on the way. I will never allow the problem of Wike curtail my dreams of great future and Nigerians waiting patiently to kick out this bad government of APC.

Governor Wike has failed in his mission to use me to become president. Let him wait for his time. A person who picks something and decides to make it his own, ought to think how he would feel if he was the person who lost the property he picked. I do not know the agreement Wike is talking about. PDP is our party and we can able to resolve our internal crisis as a party. Wike has been drumming for war and dancing .

PDP Presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku.

Wike romancing with APC party and Labour party presidential candidate, Peter Obi proves that Governor Wike has lost his senses and he is no longer relevant in PDP politics.In Rivers state he has finished his tenure. To eat from the same pot with another man outside your party is to take an oath of perpetual friendship with him. A good child does not die because the mother’s breast are dry. Why did Wike risk his position secure job in PDP for APC that are still crawling. PDP in Rivers state has been split in two by Wike. It’s a pity that some Governors who are struggling to reconcile and win the Gubernatorial Governorship in their states stupidly joined Wike to fight me and PDP. “Abubakar Atiku must not loose this election due to Wike distraction . We shall take against Wike soonest after PDP general meeting.

I want to appeal to every member of PDP and supporters to pray for the party.

It is only Alhaji Atiku Abubakar that can take Nigeria to the promised land come 2023.