September 29, 2023


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Senatorial election: God, masses shall determine my victory. Says Ordia.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Senator Engineer Clifford Ordia is a very marvelous personality, very illuminating and of course a complete gentleman who is never careless flippant or in any way cheap in conversation or manner of life. Above all no one has ever heard the amiable leader and Senator of Federal republic of Nigeria boast of the gracious gift of the political mathematics or the marvelous results of his political sagacity.

Senator Ordia.

Speaking to City Express news in an authoritative interview, Senator Ordia said history will repeat itself in Edo central senatorial district in 2023 election. God divine promises and the wishes of the masses will determine his victory again.

‘ I have never fight a battle by myself but God is always doing the needful that produces victory for me. This next election will not be different, inspite of intimidation and threats to my life”.

My critics and close rivals are empty barrels that make the loudest noise.

He is already made as the next Senator representing Edo Central Senatorial district. He is a member of Esan speaking community in Nigeria, Leader of Thought and Chairman of Multipurpose companies.

Through the Clifford Ordia Foundation he has been giving scholarship to Edo central senatorial district for people back home for postgraduate studies.

The foundation has a skills acquisition centre and hundreds of Esan land people have acquired various skills that have made them self substaining .

The Foundation offers microcredit loans to women and youths within Esan land. This is a concrete contributions to Esan land by a true Esan son. The day of reckoning is just few months ahead for him to return back to National Assembly.

Ordia has promised to embark on poverty alleviation measures that would re-write the sordid history of the constituency through quality presentation if elected to represent Edo central senatorial district.