September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

SUNNY side of life: EMU community in the news again.

The Edo state electricity distribution company needs to sit up and provide light before Christmas period or else head will roll. The two million naira requested for transformer has been paid so what is the problem?. By now Emu community needs no explanation after years of total darkness. I need an explanation from the wise men in this community. The wise men in these community should tell the World what went wrong.

One of the causes of worry for Emu community today is electricity, good roads and water. How are we combating hunger and against darkness in the land at the same time and the catastrophic floods in Esan land?. Emu’s development challenges need urgent solutions.

It is God’s divine agenda for Emu community to get electricity before election or no election in Esan South east of Edo state.

It is clear to me that it is only by divine intervention of God Almighty that Emu can get electricity. So we must acknowledge that witches and wizards in the land are also not happy to see light restored but God will surely silence them with Super natural powers. We are precious in the sight of our Creator having understanding, remembering and knowing all our needs and wants. God is fully aware of the pains Emu people are going through in the hands of the wicked leaders and instrument of darkness, but let’s leave semantics, theology and spiritual chemistry aside and focus on electricity restoration. I am not from the Mars but from caring Esan South east that is why I am interested to rescue the Emu community.

As an activist lawyer there is nothing wrong to promote justice, equity and fairness. It should not be left to the cabals, witches and wizards to give date when light should be restored. I shall organise revolution and war if light is not restored now.

We are only developing the human resources and neglecting the rural communities where the local people stay!.

What is the need of election campaign when the government can not provide electricity. Emu community must be developed and made conducive to attract young and adults to decide to dwell in the land.

Let the youths go out and do a peaceful protest for government to see reason of their commitment. Not until the communities and youths are developed, absolute peace cannot

return to the communities and by extension decrease in crime rate in the state.

Politicians and the government of the day cannot carry the load, let them call for assistance when faced with challenges.

When the elderly ones in a house travel, the younger ones quickly grow in existence. It is when there is a stampede that a person with big butocks shows that he carries a load. Where are the Emu youths,? Go and organized for peaceful demonstration, block the roads, and make people to stay indoors for days, then there will be quick solutions from the powers that be. Emu land must be liberated, now is the time.

Human Rights activist Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye.