September 29, 2023


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Another award of honour for ACP Patrick Ejedawe.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

Popular celebrated Super Cop, crime burster ACP Patrick Ejedawe has been nominated for policeman of the year by Esan speaking community in Nigeria.

For those who have been following his track record and conversant with ACP Ejedawe, a selfless police career, it is a flying feast for him, the soft spoken Uromi, Esan born police officer to be nominated for such prestigious national award. With hardwork and resilience excellence service in Nigeria police force, ACP Ejedawe has singled himself out among thousands of Esan speaking community in Nigeria serving gallant Officers.

At the general meeting of Esan speaking community in Lagos, the Coorditor and Convener, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye told City Express News that ACP Patrick Ejedawe is a champion among the Esan people of Edo state. He noted that when you are a champion, you will not be tolerated but celebrated. The Hands of God is not only in the life of ACP Ejedawe but cares about his welfare and protection with his family. This year alone ACP Patrick Ejedawe has won five awards due to his commitment, dedication, and contributions to defend of national security in the country.

ACP Patrick Ejedawe currently an Area Commander in Nasarawa told City Express News in a telephone conversation that the award of honour is from God Almighty.

He said the award is the success story from God. “I will dedicate this award to Police Service Commission (PSC) new Chairman, Justice Clara Bola Ogunbiyi, rtd Justice of Supreme Court and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Alkali Usman Baba for given me the free hand to serve the police and promote humanity, especially to promote the image of the Nigeria police force. I have no other job than serving Nigeria police force. He gave kudos to two of his Senior boss for given him the opportunity to serve the public.

Esan must be grateful for such a beautiful honour.