September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


CP Ben Igweh told City Express News in an exclusive interview that God is awesome. I don’t know how I got to the rank of commissioner of police, he praised the Lord for his elevation.
Sunday 27th November, 2022 the family, friends, Church member of Catholic Diocese of Orlu St. Patrick Catholic Church Ihite Akatta Lagos branch hosted the newly promoted commissioner of police, CP Ben Igwe, the illustrious son for a beautiful celebration and thanksgiving for God’s mercies and prayers answered. It was a fun and relaxed outing with a gospel music entertaining a live band. Commissioner police Ben Igwe over joy dance, dance and dance and took photograph with his family member.

Revered father Paschal Ikechukwu Agu parish Rector took to the music podium to appreciate God for his holiness and prayed for proper ceremony. Rev father paschal Ikechukwu Agu has reputation for supporting young people to excel.

The thanksgiving service held at cubana de Santiago milar Hotel and suites it festac town, Lagos State. The activities of the event for the promotion of the former Deputy Commissioner to commissioner police who is now in charge of national Border Patrol in the country.

CP Ben Igwe,who was short of words for unexpected elaborate celebration honour with spraying of real cash new naira note. Could not hold his tear of Joy. CP Igweh is as super COP, crime buster has a humble beginning in Nigeria Police force.

A devoted Christian Catholic Church family, CP Ben Igweh sold himself out as a wonderful representation of the people of Imo state to serve Nigeria police force.
According to Okechukwu Agada, we are proud to host such a great brother who diligently chosen to be a police officer and today, he is an a commissioner of police. Another great son of Ijite Akatta, Junior brother of Okechukwu, Izu Agada. Said CP Ben Igweh is a man of the people. It was his great achievement, supportive and contribution in recognition of all these people gathered here to celebrate him. CP Igweh has been a committed to all of us here, is a practical demonstrator of what he believes should be a fundamental basis upon which the dispensation of Justice in our land should be.

A focus police intelligent, humble man to Nigeria Police force and his home town people love him more.

As for the comment of Frank Agada, a member of planning committee of the event, CP Ben Igweh is a practical gallant police officer and Icon, a man who has from his personal and professional conducts proven himself as a rare breed of man who will not dance with the crowd but stand out of the crowd. “A man who has through personal conviction, hard work, dedication, honesty, integrity and a high sense of morality in his professional and private life become a bridge builder, success, morality and philanthropy.

He is a role model of our time. This simple man, who have brought out thousands of men and women to celebrate him, is a
self-mentored and broke the jinx to become first person to reach such enviable position of commissioner of police rank in among our family. We wish him long life and prosperity. There was much to eat and drinks at the celebration party.