September 29, 2023


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To God be the glory, I bow out of service in good health…Mrs. Adeagbo.

By. Afolabi Oyekunle.

To some people retirement from place of work after mandated years is like a punishment as they dread life without work and what is for them outside regular paid jobs. However some people look towards their retirement with joyful mind, having prepared towards it.

The two sides have good reasons. For those who do not prepare well for retirement they are unhappy when the time to go finally comes, but for those who have prepared well they always look to the day with joy and excitement.

So it was for Mrs. Bolanle Omotunde Adeagbo who on the 29th November 2022 bowed out of the service of Lagos state government having clocked the mandated 60years retirement age, serving for 31years in several ministries.

Mrs. Adeagbo whose last place of work was with Motor Vehicle Administration Agency said though she faced challenges during the services years she has cause to thank God for seeing her through as some did not have the grace.

To show gratitude to God Mrs Adeagbo held a Thanksgiving party to thank Him for the mercy, and protection all the service years. She was surrounded by family, children and friends.

Mrs Bolanle Adeagbo cutting the birthday cake surrounded by family.

Appreciating God she danced to good gospel music.

Mrs Adeagbo with one of her friends.
With some relatives
With another relative and Taiwo.
With Taiwo, one of her children.

Mrs. Adeagbo said though she is retired, but not tired as she is still agile, and will see that she does not remain idle.

Looking Radiant

City Express News Editor. Afolabi Oyekunle an inlaw said it was a great joy to see Mrs Adeagbo still agile after many years of work. He prayed for God mercy for her in future endeavors.