December 8, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye

Senator Engr. Clifford Ordia, the Lion of Edo Politics is back to complete various developmental projects across the Esan Land. Ordia a titan to applaud, he told City Express News in an exclusive interview in Irrua, Edo State during the weekend that life is full of choices, but faith affects them all “I want to give my best to Esan”. A man who never thought he would ever be a politician was by God’s providence today a senator of federal republic of Nigeria. When we conduct election in Edo State and national Assembly to choose a good Leader almost all the respondents pick Clifford Ordia, the senator representing Edo Central Senatorial district. And it is easy to see why, the Light-skinned gentle man who is in his 60s look so serene and calm and together that he will win again, any time and day again 2023 general election. Today we are talking about how the man of style and royal have regularly attracted attention as an object of desire and divine. Ordia, 8th national Assembly and 9th national Assembly currently serving is an enchanting character, I’m happy to win ticket again to serve and complete my gigantic project for the people of Esan Land Edo State. He is one of Nigeria’s finest men. He has been kind to the youths, Widows, less-privileges, masses and to the politicians as his skin still shimmers in spite over hustle bustle campaign stress. Engr. Ordia is tall and bulky and has a presence you can’t show aside and on top it, his face glows and invites. His passion and compassion can count his blessing, and he won’t be of target if he lists handsome and jolly, you can only noticed him among serious intellectual people. Committed to transforming Edo central senatorial district and Nigeria generally. The great Engineer who ran great company before he becomes a senator of federal republic of Nigeria is a man to watch out for the next election. The orator and gentle man has millions of fans who want to vote for him again. And he caught our attention because of his looks, which titillated many of us. He holds his own dream with that uncommon visage.

Senator Ordia is a well to do engineer and multi-millionaire before he settled well in politics and he is warming up again in his third term to complete the important project he has started. He has the zeal, charm and personality to carry everything well