September 26, 2023


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Alex Aidagbese eyes Senate seat.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

With the arrival of Alex Ehi Aidaghese, the Edo State is already shaking. Alex Aidaghese is a philanthropist and lawyer representing Accord Party for Edo central senatorial district who has over the years grown to become a darling in the Esan land of Edo State.

The legal luminary is eyeing the Edo central senatorial district. Barrister Alex Aidaghese attended Edo State University Ekpoma, now Ambrose Ali University where he armed with Bachelor of law degree (LLB) and later had a master of law (LLM) in the laws of Natural Resources, Energy, and environmental law and policy from the Sturm college of law University of Denver, Colorado, USA and specialize in permitting process, licensing and regulatory compliance.

As he seeks the support of his people to represents them at the red chamber he believes that growth and development can only be heraided by a conscious common effort and drive.

Alex Aidaghese told City Express News through Telephone interview during the week in Benin City. He said, ” I love my people and I want to change the narrative of Edo central senatorial district. “I am vigorously pursuing the fulfillment of my vision to serve my people”.

parts of Edo state.

The vibrant lawyer, whose philanthropic gestures know no bounds, had mentioned it long before that; he is going to National Assembly to make the difference. He has interest to run for the platform of Accord Party: He said on what Edo central senatorial district stand to gain from him if voted into power in 2023 election. “I know I am an asset to my people of Edo Central senatorial district that is why I feel good to represent the great people of Esan land. I have acquired more knowledge and experience from different institutions around the world.

He also has a master’s certificate of special studies (CCS) in administration and management from Harvard University USA. He has served humanity in various capacities within Edo State and outside. He always want to serve and leaves foot mark as a legacy. As you all know Chief Obafemi Awolowo stood for free Education at all levels as well as free Health Care. And Alhaji Shehu Shargari stood for quality Education that was not free. At least, he stood for something. Barrister Alex Ehi Aidaghese will be the true mirror of Esan land. He has vowed to provide free health care for Edo central senatorial district if voted into power. These are some of listed items in his manifesto. “I want to be the headmaster of ACCOUNTABILITY”, a champion of Judicial activism, an enforcer of regulatory compliance, and an advocate for the Extension of the socio-economic ladder to the unrepresented poor majority” amongst us ideologically, I’m progressive (AWOIST) with unflinching support for spending and investments, Austerity measure is a scam it stultifies the development of infrastructure facilities and impairs Economic growth.

Alex Ehi Aidaghese, hails from Ewohimi, Esan South East in Ubiaja local government area of Edo State. “Some candidates are just campaigning and portrayed our people as hungry people, like people without values character integrity and livehood. Every thing presented to people as a selfless and humanitarian should not be publicize it. Anything you give out should not be use as a campaign”. “I am a silent cheerful giver” that is what the Bible tells me. Do not make empty promises, Aidaghese warn his fellow politicians to stop promoting and advertising the gifts given to the people of Esan land. Freely you receive freely you shall give out to the less privileges. Alex Aidaghese is the principal partner at Alex and partners boutique law firm based in Lagos.