September 29, 2023


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Sunny Side of Life

Sunny is a crack Reporter, public social critics, activist lawyer, broadcaster, publisher, an Author etc. It may interest to know that for past three months now, I have not rested for my new content creation school. I discovered Journalism, and law practice is not enough for me, going back to school is my only ultimate. My new Academy school RACA, Root Buoy Acting Content Creation Academy. Batters are on going for the past three month. Some of my lesson is out doors class, TikToks with Aba boys on the street prank. I have added content creation to boost my career. I find fulfillment in content creation. Every Monday morning, Wednesday and Friday I dedicated the three days for law practice, Tuesday and Thursday for my journalism career take centre stage. “My content creation classes are usually on Saturday, Sunday after closing from church and often Thursday, I use to be on street talk after class work theory duty. Practical is what matter most. As a broadcaster, presenter and producer, content creation made easy for me. I have just discovered myself as an actor. It is going to be a draw game as most of my former Beauty Queens has turned Nollywood super Actress today.I always filled with excitement every time my instructor tells me you are improving on daily basis. Today I look back at when I started my journey in October as a content creator. I am a man of many parts; great ideas, determined to create content at every gathering: consistency and determination are essential for success in every craft brain and intelligent job. If not servant Victor David, a Musician that was arrested by God to be minister of the gospel, I would not have risen to such heights. He encouraged me that knowledge is not too much. Today, I can come out to confess to my friends and enemies that I find fulfillment in my choosing career. Through content creation, I have comes out to inform the less privilege, to come to my chambers for free of charge.