September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhejiaye

Barrister Alex Ehimhantie Aidaghese is one of the seasoned politicians flying the flag of Accord party for Edo central senatorial district from Ewohimi, Esan South East of Edo State, His Joker card is to touch many lives and give hope and succor to the people. He possesses a profound grasp of the dangers of any communities to fight each other because of land. He is a restorer, provider and performer.

Aidaghese is a man who pace who patiently looks to the future with courage and hope. His commitment in the direction of transforming the Edo central senatorial district into a relatively better integrated and functional policy capable of securing effectively the interest of the various communities to live in peace. He is extremely confident the election is as good as won for him. And he knows exactly what he’s talking about Barrister Alex Aidaghese’s no green horn in politics. He has been around for over 15 years in PDP party before he traveled out to America to study in America tactics and a,b,c,d to z in politics. I will use my America brain to defeat my opponent.
Alex Aidaghese is very marvelous personality, very illuminating and of course complete gentle man who is never careless flippant or in any way cheap in conversation or manner of life. Above all no one has ever heard the amiable leader boast of the gracious gift of the art of political mathematics of his sagacity.
“I have no doubt I will defeat my opponent candidate, I only have respect for senator Clifford Ordia, because he is an experience politician and a seating senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

He stated how he plan to defeat the incumbent senator representing Edo Central Senatorial district, senator Engr. Clifford Ordia and the noise maker, Monday Okpebholo, who believes senator position is a hereditary like kingship. How can your brother in the same irrua town with you step down for you who is not popular in Esan land. They have shared their votes that make easy for me and Accord Party to win the election on a platter of gold. Okpebholo cannot beat Ordia. Alex spoke of his sense of Philanthropist and visionary leadership in his social engagements that will earned him more vote. In America Alex obtained two degrees and recipient of Doctorate degree Award. What do you expect from a man with master lever Certificate of Special Studies (CSS) in administration and management from Hardward University Division of containing educations Award winner of Global Leaders of integrity Merit Award (GLMA). The name Cambridge, Massachusetts USA, now called the masters of liberal Arts management in addition, Alex is now a Microsoft Certified System Engineer A(CMCSY) Patron of National youth council of Esan speaking community in Nigeria and patron of Esan students Association of Nigeria. Ewohimi born intellectual lawyer, has received some distinguished merit awards, which spread to more than ten as a result of University Community Services.
He had worked meritoriously worked in both public and private sectors of the Economy, both in America and Nigeria. He was National President of Nigeria Law students Association (NESA) in New York City and Philadelphia USA America. He is also trustee/member of various community development Associations, social service clubs Union and Esan professional bodies. “My Edo central senatorial district should expect a good Governance if voted into power”.