September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhejiaye

Thousands gathered Sunday 18th December, 2022 for Christ Chosen Tabernacle Ministries thanksgiving ceremony. Several Church leaders attended the pump and pageantry at its church auditorium located at No 9 Idowu close Sango, Ota, Ogun State with soul lifting renditions. The celebration began as early as 8am in the morning service with choristers adorned in white and red new uniform outfit rendering melodious thanksgiving songs through the swell of the musical band and tuning of an orchestra to appreciate Almighty God. The women league started thanksgiving melodious dance with offering substance in their hands. When it was the turn of men it was old school dance all the way. Beautiful music vibration and dance all. The youth’s shows lot of energy that they are current champions. Every youth’s were dancing intervention like there is no tomorrow latest Buga dance steps. Follow the kids thanksgiving dance which was more entertaining but uncoordinated. The winner of overall dance goes to the youths that have largest numbers, followed by women, men and kids. It was very interesting.

The sermon of the thanksgiving was delivered by prophetess (Mrs. Vivian David). Speaking during the thanksgiving service and the significant of thanksgiving service, prophetess Vivian David appreciated God for sustaining the Church members throughout the year. The rate at which people receive divine intervention to their problems at the Christ Chosen Tabernacle, deliverance Ministries is immeasurable as several mountains were leveled under the mandate of divine assignment committed to servant Victor David and Prophetess Mrs. Vivian David to uproot and pull down strong holds tormenting human’s destinies. The prophetic woman of God, Mrs. Vivian David gave out important Bible reading about the significant of thanksgiving.
Reading from Colossians 3:17, Psalms 35:15-18, Col. 1:11-20, 1 Sam. 2:22-29, Psalms 30:4, I Samuel 1:24, Psalms 105:1 and etc. The general overseer, servant Victor David, during the homily’s he appreciated the Choristers and the entire member congregation for carrying out God’s instructions.

Servant Victor David told City Express News in an exclusive interview that, the preparation for the ceremony started few weeks ago, being a Musician himself, he was able to co-ordinate the choristers to the significance of the event, which creates opportunities for discovering new talents. Singers and instigating the quest for excellence among choirs. He said, Christ Chosen Tabernacle Ministries has a rich heritage of good Church Music. The Choir practice itself is like a school that takes choristers through rigorous training in choral Church music and everything that will make choir sing to internationally acceptable standard are usually employed.
Most of them are youths ready to praise the almighty God. Some of the Ministers of God from far and near are Rev. Shodiya, PFN Chairman and Evangelist Elijah, and host of others. There was much to eat, drink and take away pack of gifts. Heaven every attendance prayers. The most interesting part of event is cutting of thanksgiving cake by the Church coordinators.