September 29, 2023


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Senator Odia urges Nigerians to vote for Atiku/Okowa.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

The Best man for Edo central senatorial district candidate, Senator (Engr) Clifford Ordia has urged Nigerians to vote for Atiku/Okowa PDP presidential candidate 2023 election coming next month February 23rd, 2023. He said APC Government has failed Nigerians and they are being haunted by Buhari’s poor performance. ” We are tired of politicians making unrealistic promises without performance. He described Atiku Abubakar and Senator Ifeanyi Okowa as the best partner to wrestle power from APC ruling party that has failed us.

Senator Ordia.

The APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, who brought president Muhammadu Buhari cannot distance himself away from the lackluster performance of President Buhari in the last seven and half years. Bola Tinubu is the APC leader, where was he when the country turned upside down?. Let us ask

Bola Tinubu some questions, if he is just waking up from slumber to discovered President Buhari has failed woefully. Remember Bola Tinubu, who had boasted publicly in Abeokuta, Ogun State that he installed Buhari in 2015 received scathing critisms from Nigerians following the abysmal performance of the government on insecurity and economy in the last seven and half years. Bola Tinubu has several times boasted to every Nigerians, how he went Katsina state to persuade Buhari to contest and subsequently supported Buhari to win 2015 and 2019 election.

Senator Ordia.

Bola Tinubu brought a bad market to Nigeria and many things fall apart on his watchful eyes. Apart from APC failure, Tinubu come out again with a Muslim Muslim ticket candidate for 2023 election, what a joke.

Senator Ordia noted Nigeria is wise. He disclosed his readiness to work together with Abubakar Atiku and Senator Ifeanyi Okowa to make PDP win 2023 election. PDP is the next best thing to happen to Nigeria. God will fight the battle ahead. It is only God who can makes kings and his will must prevail in the country, while promising Edo Central Senatorial district to the next level if given the opportunity.

Ordia underscored the PDP as a place of Unity, Peace and Progress, vote PDP, vote Atiku/Okowa and vote Clifford Ordia for Edo Central Senator, (Engr) Clifford Ordia he said.

Ordia urrent chairman on Local and foreign debt at the 9th National Assembly is representing Edo Central Senatorial District. Born 19th of May 1960 in Usegbenu, Irrua, in Esan Central Local Government area of Edo State, He attended Esan Grammar School Uromi in Esan North of Edo state and proceeded to Ambrose Ali University now Ekpoma University of Edo state. An intellectual per excellence, Senator Ordia who is inspired by the philosophy of the development of society credo of the PDP party which attained greater prominence as a result of good Governance of former president Goodluck Jonathan’s political and administrative sagacity. He appealed to every Nigerian to vote APC out from Government and vote for PDP to return to Government.